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Our partner rooom is known for its all-in-one platform to create, manage and share immersive 3D, AR and VR experiences.
Whether it's metaverse solutions, virtual showrooms, 3D product presentations or virtual events - with rooom and diva-e you can set new standards for the digitalization of your business. Through this partnership, we offer our (potential) customers completely new possibilities for marketing, sales and many other areas of the company.

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Carolyn Engels
Team Lead Marketing

Partnership with added value

rooom has developed a strong partner program to work together in the network to fully exploit the opportunities of the market. At the level of passion, commitment and trust, the vision is to create a completely new customer experience with the metaverse, 3D/VR and AR.

Experiences with wow effect

  • Do you want to display your products in 3D and integrate them into your website or online store?

  • You want to build your own metaverse to present products, brands and services in a completely new way?

  • You want to take your content marketing to a new level?

  • Want to understand how the metaverse can improve your Google ranking?

  • Do you want to invest in advertising in the metaverse in the future, but don't know exactly where or how to start?

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About rooom

Founded in 2018, rooom is a dynamic, creative and fast-growing tech startup. The three "o "s in the name denote the three dimensions. The brand stands for innovation and future orientation. With its web-based all-in-one platform for virtual experiences, rooom sets new standards for digitalization. The mission is to make 3D technology accessible to everyone. And this is also reflected in the slogan: The future is 3D!

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rooom and diva-e share the same vision: to create completely new and unique customer experiences. With this partnership, we can take the customer experience of companies to a whole new level - and set new standards for digital business with state-of-the-art 3D technology. 
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