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diva-e is Gold Partner of SAP

As a globally successful software manufacturer, SAP has been demonstrating competence and quality for decades. In order to successfully introduce and use strong software in your own company, you also need professional and technical expertise. diva-e has acquired this expertise in dozens of projects and proves it every day. In addition, SAP itself imposes clear and strict requirements on its partners, the fulfillment of which we have to prove on a regular basis. This applies to the qualifications of our employees as well as the range and quality of our projects.

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Key facts about our partnership with SAP

SAP Gold Partner

distinguishes our successful work

50+ Experts

for your SAP projects


certified associates and teams

SAP Competence Center

within diva-e


linking E-Commerce and backend systems

Content & Commerce

through integration of Bloomreach, Storyblok etc.

Our top references with SAP Commerce Cloud

Klöckner & Co

diva-e supports steel trading giant klöckner in digitalization


Development of an innovative B2B E-commerce platform

Pfeiffer Vacuum

diva-e as consulting and implementation partner for the digital customer platform of the technology leader

SAP Commerce Cloud with diva-e - Key to Success for Your Digitalization

Competence Center SAP from diva-e secures your project success

With SAP Commerce Cloud, you are getting a strong, cloud-based software for a wide range of requirements for digitalization through online commerce and the end-to-end automation of processes. In projects for and with our customers, we repeatedly determine very special strengths of the software in the following areas.

  • Cloud solution, which minimizes the effort required to set up the system and maintain it in ongoing technical operation

  • Integration into your backend systems, which is faster and less risky due to prefabricated solutions in the standard - especially if you already use ERP solutions from SAP, for example

  • Extensive standard functionalities for almost all application scenarios and industries, which can be adapted to your requirements in the project

  • High flexibility to adapt the software perfectly to your processes and requirements Learn more about the specific functionalities and strengths of SAP Commerce Cloud directly from SAP

Allround support from diva-e for your digitalization projects

From the initial idea to ongoing technical operation, you can rely on diva-e. Our consultants and technical experts plan your project, implement it for you and with you, and ensure that the system runs stably and with high performance for your customers at all times. Find out more about our other services here.

  • Consulting

  • UX

  • Project management and agile development

  • Software development

  • CMS solutions for headless e-commerce

  • Cloud

    Providing you with all the relevant support for your plans from a single source.

SAP Competence Center at diva-e

Our SAP Competence Center not only offers certified expertise in the latest SAP software versions. Experienced members of our teams have been accompanying successful e-commerce initiatives of customers for more than 20 years and help to bring your project safely to the finish line. With a permanent team of different profiles, we accompany you throughout the entire project and beyond, if required.

  • Project Manager and Scrum Master

  • Software architect

  • E-commerce, SAP ERP and CRM consultant

  • SAP Commerce backend and frontend developers

  • DevOps experts

  • Test engineers

  • Cloud and IT administrators

Best practice for the success of your project

Agile development tailored to your needs

Complex projects require simple, clear procedures for success. diva-e relies on agile projects, which we design together with you according to the specific project requirements. In the initial project, Scrum with 2- to 3-week sprints has proven successful. After manageable time cycles, the customer regularly sees the progress of the project and can intervene in the future development in a corrective manner if necessary.

For later further development, Kanban is also an interesting option. New features are developed in parallel according to their priority, if necessary, and are immediately brought live after successful testing.

Your milestone: 100-day MVP

After just one quarter, a manageable period of 100 calendar days from the start of implementation, the collaborative project team can claim its first success:

  • essential functions are

  • in your design with

  • data from the most important interfaces

  • on the future production system

  • for internal stakeholders and, if required, for

  • selected customers.

This Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is both a product and a method.


With focus to initial success

With the results of the discovery phase, the adaptation of SAP Commerce Cloud can start for you: In sprints of two to three weeks, the user stories are implemented by diva-e developers. To do this, you prioritize the existing requirements together with our team and plan them for the following sprint. As a customer, you will see the current development status in the review at the end of each sprint. In this way, you regularly have the opportunity to directly influence further development. In the refinement workshops that take place parallel to development, you also continue to influence future implementations by completing and finalizing user stories with the support of our team, which are to be implemented in subsequent sprints.


The SAP Commerce Cloud is usually available quickly. But it usually needs a whole "ecosystem" with VPN connections and interfaces between different systems. Sprint results also need to be transported to the cloud to adapt the standard to your needs. Our IT and cloud experts build this architecture for you, sometimes in close collaboration with your IT. At the end of the MVP, you will have a complete system environment that could go live at any time.

Data and interfaces

Every online store needs product, price and customer data, usually from our customers' internal systems. Your customers' orders should be available in your ERP in real time. This requires good cooperation. We support you with experienced consultants and, if required, our own SAP ERP expertise to define and implement the necessary data structures and interfaces quickly.

After 100 calendar days, that is 13 weeks of intensive collaboration, you can use the MVP to give your internal stakeholders a good, functional first impression of your new online platform. The MVP is ideally suited to solicit praise and criticism from your customers and employees and, above all, ideas for the next phase.

Ready for the GoLive of your Version 1.0

Your online sales platform is technically ready for launch, and IT and cloud experts are preparing the final fine-tuning to go live for you. When it comes to developing features, functions and interfaces, we continue our now well-established joint work in refinement workshops and development sprints. We use proven checklists to prepare for a successful go-live and follow a joint schedule for agile development.

SAP Commerce Cloud

We design the introduction of SAP Commerce Cloud as a powerful part of the SAP CX product family with you in such a way that it fits perfectly into your digitalization strategy and will soon provide exceptional buying experiences for your customers across all relevant channels.

We integrate SAP Commerce headless into your existing strong Internet presence. diva-e can integrate the appropriate content management system with SAP Commerce for you and display the content of both systems with the SAP Spartacus front end.

The diva-e teams have successfully implemented all the scenarios shown:

Key Facts

  • Omnichannel control

  • Central data management

  • Order management optimization

  • B2B and B2C

  • Agile and scalable

  • Extensible

  • SAP interfaces

  • Real-time customer dialog

  • Open technology

  • Global

SAP Commerce Cloud Overview

SAP Commerce Cloud - Add-Ons

Add-ons offer a wide range of additional functions to the standard SAP Commerce Cloud.

Add-Ons powered by SAP

  • 75 Add-ons for immediate use can be found in the SAP Store

diva-e Add-Ons

Ideas for improvements have emerged from our project experience, such as how to speed up project startup or make the SAP Commerce Cloud back office more manageable:

  • diva-e localization tool: You can change and publish localizations independently and on-the-fly even during operation.

  • diva-e export tool: Conveniently download all data available in SAP Commerce yourself in your desired format.

  • diva-e e-mail tool: System e-mails can be handled much better by extending the standard functionalities.

SAP Spartacus

The flexible Angular-based front-end framework SAP Spartacus for highest scalability and individualization.

Whether as an entry into the SAP Commerce Cloud or for the further development of your omnichannel activities - Spartacus enables the fast, flexible and cross-media digitization of your sales processes. Content is optimally played out for all end devices so that you can offer your customers optimal shopping experiences on smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.

We will be happy to advise you when the right time is to start or switch from your existing Accelerator templates to SAP Spartacus.

SAP Cloud Integration (formerly SAP Cloud Platform Integration /CPI)

To integrate SAP Commerce Cloud with customer systems or external data sources, we use SAP Cloud Integration (formerly SAP Cloud Platform Integration / CPI). This part of the SAP Integration Suite offers a high degree of flexibility with simultaneous out-of-the-box connectivity for rapid connection to your ERP or S/4HANA. A variety of predefined as well as already implemented integration flows can be used (SAP API Business Hub).

Our experts will be happy to advise you on integration architecture and develop interfaces including data mapping in your SAP CPI Tenant. For optimal connectivity, we analyze existing interfaces (ODATA, web services, SAP Gateway, Remote Function Call, IDoc) in the backend and extend them as needed. The focus of our teams' work is the efficient mapping of your processes end-to-end.

Open, web-based middleware for synchronous and asynchronous communication and integration of on-premise and cloud systems

Semantic and technical translation between the systems involved, for example ERP systems such as S/4HANA on the one hand and e-commerce platforms such as SAP Commerce Cloud or Spryker on the other hand

Development, deployment, operations and monitoring in one tidy dashboard without dedicated hosting

SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX)

Boost digitalization, online marketing and e-commerce success with these SAP CX modules:

SAP CX: Emarsys

Customer engagement is becoming increasingly relevant in e-commerce, especially when it comes to highly personalized, real-time targeting.

Emarsys offers exactly this based on a cloud-based marketing solution that can collect data from different systems and both digital and physical touchpoints due to its open architecture and interface.

Using this data, marketers can address customers in a personalized and automated way on different channels and in different contexts.

Key facts

  • 1:1 personalization across all channels

  • Omnichannel automation for your customers

  • Artificial Intelligence: self-learning tools support you with recommendations and, for example, optimization of the dispatch time for e-mail newsletters.

  • Dashboards & Use Cases: data becomes actionable information and campaigns can be quickly implemented with the help of use cases.

SAP CX: Customer Data Cloud (CDC)

Customers need to have confidence to disclose their data. With the DSGVO and some uncertainty around the topic of data protection, the transparent and understandable management of customer data is more important than ever. On the other hand, the most comprehensive information possible about customers is a prerequisite for targeted addressing and interaction. It's all about customer data, its internal use and the necessary transparency of data usage for customers.

The SAP Customer Data Cloud helps companies to put precisely this concern into practice efficiently and securely. It offers an integrated solution for:

  • Identity Management & Access Management (CIAM)

  • Customer Consent Management & Preference Management

Key Facts

  • Central solution for customer identity such as single sign-on or social login

  • Consent management and self-service for your customers

  • Profile management and preference management by the customers themselves

SAP CX: Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The management and collection of customer data in one central location is becoming increasingly relevant. Not only is it about customers having confidence to share their data, but also about managing all the customer's data in one place and gaining the most detailed 360° view possible.

This is exactly the challenge you can solve with the SAP Customer Data Platform. By linking different data sources, such as transactions, online sources, physical sources or POS information, a central view of a customer's data is created.

With the help of this central view, you can not only better understand your customers, but a unified customer profile is also created, i.e. a 360° view of the customer, which in turn allows hyper-personalization, i.e. contextual, near real-time personalization, and thus positively influences the customer experience.

Key Facts

  • Uncover hidden business opportunities by unifying all customer data and enhance the omnichannel experience by creating trusted customer profiles.

  • Understand how customers want to interact with your business while mitigating compliance risks with a solid foundation for privacy and governance Leverage hyper-personalization with rich customer intelligence to deliver a true omnichannel experience.

  • Depending on their purpose, activate the right customer data and route it to the appropriate systems in real time to create highly personalized experiences.

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