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Maximise optimisation potential with tableau and diva-e

With tableau Dashboards and diva-e's long-standing expertise in e-commerce and content, our clients are able to make their decisions based on current KPIs.

The clear presentation as well as communication capabilities enable you to leverage your employees’ collective potential into a competitive advantage. Self-service at all levels helps to perform detailed analysis and maintain clarity despite detailing.

Thanks to diva-e’s power, tableau has been extended with Advanced Analytics. Supported by artificial intelligence, this gives you a recommendation plan that highlights concrete optimisation potential.

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Christian Zepter
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Advantages of tableau: Analyse and understand data

tableau is the fastest-growing data visualisation tool which helps analyse and understand data. In other words, tableau converts raw data into a very easy-to-understand format.

tableau allows business users to answer questions quickly and perform ad-hoc analyses. Humans are able to capture visual representations much faster than understanding data in a pivot table, for example. tableau uses this capability: Visual data analysis allows users to answer questions immediately and enrich the results with other data in real time.

A seamless end-to-end analytics experience with tableau and diva-e

As a tableau Alliance Partner, diva-e helps you choose the right solution for your business intelligence needs. diva-e has extensive experience in implementing tableau solutions and uses a variety of skills to provide you with the right BI solution.

Together with tableau, we offer you a solution that can transform your employees’ collective potential into a competitive advantage. With tableau, you’ll get your teams working faster and smarter by choosing a seamless end-to-end analytics experience. diva-e provides you with a self-service BI suite for Office-style dashboard creation thanks to tableau. Create data sources and dashboards, publish and share content, and encourage collaboration. tableau is one of the most powerful, secure and flexible end-to-end analytics platforms for your data.