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In many companies, data silos have formed over time: Due to the multitude of tools and different approaches of each department to data collection, these data treasures exist in isolation next to each other and are not used profitably. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) offers the possibility to merge, structure and analyse this data. With our partner Tealium and its AudienceStream™ CDP, we offer the solution to optimally utilise the potential of your data.

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Connection to established systems

The big challenge lies in merging data from different systems. Tealium's AudienceStream™ CDP offers numerous API connectors to integrate a large number of well-known tools and e-commerce suites, such as Adobe. In total, there are more than 1,200 integrations that can be used directly or, if desired, customised. This enables you to get to know your users even better and to use their previous behaviour for more effective marketing.

Out-of-the-box or customised?

Aggregating and standardising data is only the first step. The next steps are essential: the processing of the data and ultimately the use of the insights gained from this data.

For the first step, Tealium offers standardised dashboards that give you a quick overview. These are suitable for different application profiles and can be completely configured to your needs if required.

By means of defined rules, you determine which real-time actions are triggered depending on the data situation. EventStream™, which acts as an API hub, is responsible for this. In addition, Predict Machine Learning is used to predict user actions.

Advantages of Tealium

As a SaaS solution from the cloud, Tealium is very scalable and can be adapted exactly to your needs. Data is collected in accordance with GDPR regulations, so the patented visitor stitching technology is completely data-protected. This is an important factor, especially for the German market.

In addition to AudienceStream™, Tealium offers other products such as EventStream API Hub™ and iQ Tag Management™. A combination of these modules helps to get the most out of your data - especially if you are not yet using any other similar software.

As Tealium is not a platform, the CDP has the advantage of being able to be used independently of the existing TechStack. In addition, data is processed in real time. Hundreds of ready-made connectors offer a quick connection to existing marketing solutions.

About Tealium

Tealium connects customer data - across web, mobile, offline and IoT devices - so businesses can connect with their customers. Tealium's out-of-the-box integration environment supports over 1,200 client- and server-side vendors and technologies, enabling the unification of all customer data into a single source of truth - in real time. The Tealium Customer Data Hub includes solutions in the areas of tag management, API hub, Customer Data Platform with machine learning and data management. These make customer data more valuable, useful and secure. More than 1,000 companies worldwide trust Tealium to help them with their customer data strategy. Learn more at www.tealium.com

diva-e Data Business Competencies

Our specialists at diva-e offer comprehensive expertise in the areas of data business, operations and software. We accompany you from the decision to the operation of your customer data platform: With our data and tech know-how, we already support you in the collection of the use cases that are essential for you and in the process of technology selection. Our implementation experts take over the adaptation to your exact requirements.

What can a Customer Data Platform (CDP) do?

Data is still used far too little in a purposeful way to improve the bottom line and the customer experience. The number of touchpoints is increasing rapidly, so the corresponding background data must be processed quickly in order to meet the enormously increased customer expectations. A Customer Data Platform accelerates these processes. A Customer Data Platform is a database software that creates permanent and consistent records of customer data and attributes and uses them to derive complete and individual customer images. To do this, the CDP collects first-party customer data (transactional, behavioural and demographic) from a variety of sources and systems and links this information to customers who have provided the data.