SAP e-commerce

diva-e understands the challenges in the field of SAP e-commerce and offers its customers a variety of innovative solutions, whether in B2B or B2C.

Our SAP e-commerce solution is divided into two business areas with Opens external link in new windowSAP integration on the one hand and SAP hybris software on the other.

SAP integration

diva-e has advised successful companies from different industries for over 10 years. As a certified SAP partner, it doesn’t matter to us if the task is classic enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) or modern on-demand solutions. It’s more important than ever for today’s companies that end-to-end processes are integrated into new software. That’s why we ensure that the introduction of an SAP solution into an existing CRM or ERP system is carried out smoothly with every installation. Often, a very high level of integration is required in order to present all business areas to the customer. To guarantee this, dive-e offers its customers a variety of innovative solutions and has adjusted to and specialised in meeting these customer needs. Ultimately, we offer our customers not only technical solutions, but also a wide-ranging portfolio of consulting services.

SAP Hybris commerce

The SAP Hybris software is divided into three categories so that our customers receive the product right for them. In this way, we are able to ensure that the software is configurable and customisable for each individual customer. Depending on the customer’s requirements and how much these differ from standard functionality, we are able to develop a made-to-measure solution for you. This flexibility always ensures that your online shop is future-proof. It’s irrelevant if you want to migrate to an SAP Hybris commerce solution or if this is your first step into online business.

An overview of the SAP Hybris solution:

  • SAP Hybris Commerce Suite: This is the foundation on which your e-commerce solution rests. Over the course of the past 15 years and in many applications, it has proven to be as expandable, flexible and future-proof as an e-commerce solution can be. For example, you can roll out targeted online shops one after another and then provide the product data to the different (country-specific) online shops via an interface.
  • Product Content Management (PCM): With PCM, you get a powerful tool that lets you manage your product data at a glance and ensure that all systems and channels have the same information. Product-related data from the ERP system will be imported by way of the SAP Data Hub into the Hybris PCM system.
  • SAP Hybris Marketing Suite: You want to understand visitors to your shop? Then SAP’s marketing suite is exactly right for you. Here, all customer data is saved in real time in a central location and used to generate customer profiles. You can therefore ensure that marketing only reaches interested customers. There’s no better way to communicate 1:1 with your customers.

We select the appropriate software solution for you from a diversified SAP portfolio. We accompany our customers from the first consultation all the way to rollout of the perfect online shop or support as an experienced and expert partner. Trust our years of experience and our excellent know-how in the field of SAP e-commerce and allow our e-business advisors to recommend a path for you.

Alexander Neuhausen, Senior Consultant, diva-e
Digital strategy without appropriate ERP integration is like a driverless car without an onboard computer. It could work…

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