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Paid Social Marketing

Paid Social Marketing

In the year 2020, there is no way around social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Co. if you are active in online marketing or want to become one.

The importance and role of social networks continues to grow day by day and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have become an integral part of our everyday life. Today, there is a suitable platform for every target group, and hardly any target group is not well served by one of these platforms.

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Nikoleta Tsoneva
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Consumers' purchase decision processes are increasingly influenced by organic and paid content within the social media channels. A variety of social media channels such as Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are steadily more used by consumers as sources of inspiration and information. As a result, there are countless opportunities for companies to influence the purchasing decisions of such users through paid social marketing. Since the paid measures can be used in different ways in the numerous social media channels along the customer journey (see-think-do-care), the company goals and the target group to be reached must be clearly defined—this is where we come in! We support you in determining, planning, implementing and optimising your paid social strategy, taking your business model into account.

Why Paid Social Marketing?

Content Marketing plays a fundamental role for a successful Social Media Marketing strategy. However, the most sophisticated storytelling, the most elaborate video productions as well as the best content are of no use if nobody sees it. Paid Social Marketing helps you exactly at this point to increase your reach in social networks and thus successfully deliver the best content to the right target group.

Our service: Tailor-made paid social strategy along the customer journey

As your partner for paid social marketing, we manage your advertising measures on your social media channels. Together with you, we develop an individual strategy to realise your performance goals. Whether it is building up reach with video ads, or app installations with full-screen ads, or converting hesitant users with feed-based ads, we advise you on the choice of suitable advertising formats. In addition to paid marketing, there is also the possibility to support you with the organic creation and organic posting of your content.

You can expect these services from us:

  1. 1. digital strategy development along the customer journey

  2. 2. creating awareness, demand, transactions and sustainable customer loyalty

  3. 3. analysis and evaluation of existing paid social activities

  4. 4. budget planning and budget control

  5. 5. (re-)structuring of existing paid social campaigns

  6. 6. continuous optimisation of paid social marketing campaigns

  7. 7. detailed A/B tests (ad design, targeting, landing page)

  8. 8. indicative measurement of success

  9. 9. detailed reporting

Our tools: Strong partners for your success

Through our strong partnerships with Facebook, Pinterest, Smartly, Google & many more, you benefit from the latest solutions and market developments.

Your result: Higher reach and turnover with a targeted approach

Your brand and the message associated with it are unique. Your target group is also unique and should be addressed as such. Our paid social marketing experts develop tailor-made paid social strategies to identify your target group and convince them of your brand. The key is to address the target group with the right advertising media, in the right area of the customer journey and on the right platform. Paid social marketing offers a variety of advantages for your company:

  1. 1. increase of brand awareness

  2. 2. high reach

  3. 3. increase in sales/turnover

  4. 4. minimisation of scatter losses through a target group-specific customer approach

  5. 5. strengthen customer loyalty / relationship with customers

  6. 6. complete cost control

  7. 7. effective lead generation

What are the main social media channels?


The platform is used by 2.5 billion people every month, including over 32 million active German users.

The paid advertising on Facebook and the associated targeting possibilities offer numerous opportunities for companies in the B2C and B2B sectors to arouse the interest of potential customers, increase company awareness, generate sales and leads and to maintain existing customers.


Instagram is used by 1 billion people worldwide every month. Over 500 million Instagram accounts are actively used every day. 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily, including over 15 million German users.

Instagram is all about images and aesthetics. Users place great value on inspiring and visually high-quality content. Instagram has been part of the Facebook Group for several years, so ads can be placed on the platform via the Facebook ad manager and companies can take advantage of the same targeting possibilities as on Facebook. The platform is mainly used by teenagers and young adults up to 30 years old. In particular, topics such as fashion, fitness, beauty, travel, food and interior design are popular on the platform. Nevertheless, companies from other sectors can find interest groups on Instagram. We will be happy to advise you in identifying target groups.

Like Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising allows you to interact with your customers as a company, increase your visibility, showcase your products and/or services, and engage in influencer marketing.


Pinterest is the ideal platform for those looking for ideas and inspiration. 300 million people worldwide use Pinterest every month. In Germany, the platform has 9 million monthly active users, of which more than 60% are female users. 50% of the users are between 25 and 44 years old. Brands are a source of inspiration at Pinterest and are not perceived as annoying. In fact, 90% of all users confirmed that Pinterest provides them with ideas when making a purchase decision.


1.9 billion registered users actively use the world's largest video platform every month. 77 % of German Internet users watch YouTube videos every month. YouTube videos are consumed primarily via mobile devices. 2 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. On the video platform, users not only look for entertainment, but also specifically search for instructions and tutorials regarding specific problems. For this reason, advertising on YouTube is ideal for companies from the B2C and B2B sectors. The emotional appeal is an important advantage on YouTube thanks to the videos.

LinkedIn & Xing

LinkedIn and Xing are the two best-known career networks in Germany. Xing is particularly popular in the DACH region, while LinkedIn is more aimed at an international audience. The placement of ads on both platforms is particularly well suited for companies in the B2B sector for existing customer care and lead generation. Targeting options such as industry, field of activity, work experience, age, company size and gender are equally available on the two platforms.


The number of TikTok users is increasing on a day to day basis. Founded in 2016, the platform has more than 800 million active users worldwide. In Germany, the platform was able to attract 5.5 million users up until now. In Q1 2020, the TikTok app even managed to generate more downloads than WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook & Co. At TikTok everything revolves around short videos. The application can be understood as a kind of Generation Z Instagram for music and videos, in which short self-made videos of users are linked to well-known songs or film scenes. Especially brands and companies whose products and services are aimed at the younger target group can benefit from advertising on TikTok. In some countries, self-service advertising on TikTok is already available. The roll out for Germany is planned for autumn 2020.


The Snapchat app is used by 220 million users daily, including more than 11 million accounts registered to German users. The Millennials and Gen-Z represent the core target group of the platform. This makes Snapchat particularly interesting for companies and brands with younger target groups.


Twitter's target audience is smaller and more mature than the audiences on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is not focused on sharing content with friends or maintaining social contacts, but rather on accelerating the spread of information (tweets). Even though Twitter is primarily understood as a micro-blogging service, companies can achieve high levels of reach through Promoted Tweets.

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