Naviactional Searches

How Brand Building Boosts SEO Performance

Rank (almost) unrivaled with the right keywords

The battle for top rankings for generic keywords has become steadily more challenging in recent years. Brand search queries with transactional components promise almost unrivaled SEO traffic. With the right strategy, the search volume of these brand keywords can be increased and with it the organic visits from the search engine.

Bastian Wiesemeyer
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Bastian Wiesemeyer
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Know the most important things before the competition

Learn all about Naviactional Searches and how you can boost your SEO performance thanks to Brand Building in the free whitepaper by Senior Content Marketing Consultant Bastian Wiesemeyer. What to expect:

Google is sending you less and less organic traffic - on purpose

  • The transformation from a search engine to a response engine

  • "The winner takes it all."

  • Where does ranking position 1 even stand?

  • The battle for generic top rankings is getting more intense

  • Those who search for your brand will also come to you

From "I know the brand" to "I buy the brand".

  • This is what the most common naviactional cases look like

  • Your online store as a brand

  • A new star on the horizon

How do I increase my brand searches?

  • Nothing works without analysis

  • What content do I have?

  • Create new content in an organized way

  • Selecting the correct format and relevant channel

  • No success in content marketing without content distribution

Make greater use of the brand building in content marketing

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Bastian Wiesemeyer reports on the right strategy to increase the search volume of brand keywords and thus also the organic visits to your website.

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