To protect your IT infrastructure from DDoS attacks

As one of the first datacentres in Germany to fight against such attacks with hardware/software combinations, our experts have extensive experience and a track record of successfully averting countless attacks. But not every datacentre is technically even capable of providing effective DDoS protection, as all network systems must be able to withstand high levels of stress. First Colo has one of the best connections in the datacentre industry, assuring that even large-scale attacks can be filtered.

Universally effective DDoS protection by First Colo

Universal means that in comparison with conventional DDoS protection providers, we can protect everything: all protocols as well as all applications and servers within and outside of datacentres.

The attacks we protect you against include :


  • Flood attacks (TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS amplification)
  • TCP Stack attacks (SYN, FIN, RST, SYN ACK, URG-PSH, TCP Flags)
  • Fragmentation attacks (Teardrop, Targa3, Jolt2, Nestea)
  • Application attacks (HTTP GET floods, SIP Invite floods, DNS attacks, HTTPS)

Universally effective DDoS protection is, however, an extremely complex matter requiring a large amount of clarification. Depending on the attack vectors, attack targets and technical requirements of each client, different protection solutions will be suitable to achieve definitive and effective protection against DDoS attacks for each client. The exact specification, setting and calibration of the filter technology must therefore always be preceded by an analysis coordinated with the client. Besides taking into account the specific impact-situation of the client who was attacked, assigning the appropriate protection technology takes place once the interface exposed to contaminated traffic from DDoS attacks is transferred to our algorithm-based filter mechanism.

What is the risk situation?

Who needs DDoS protection? Typically, all internet-dependent companies that generate revenue through a website or that must maintain obligatory processes are highly at-risk. In addition, every internet-based activity during which people are forced to position themselves “politically” poses a risk. The latter includes public-law as well as association-related and administrative activities. DDoS protection is therefore comparable with an insurance policy: it’s nice if you never need one – but it is also much better if you have one, just in case.

What influences the cost of DDoS protection?

Alongside one-time preparation costs, the largest cost factor is the DDoS protection bandwidth. This must be at least as high as the attack volume on the infrastructure of the client, or probable attack volume. All service packages simultaneously include a whole spectrum of specific configuration options and coordination opportunities for the concrete risk situation, plus diverse protection mechanisms against different types of DDoS attacks. The protection solution is transparent and can be controlled by the client, or it can also be booked as a managed service.


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