Exclusive servers for our clients




What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is intended for a special network service or several permanent services and therefore is not used for daily tasks. Unlike a shared server, a dedicated server is used exclusively by one client or for one particular task by a client.

How do I implement my customised server at First Colo?

We adjust the necessary hardware equipment based on your individual requirements and wishes. We use established manufacturer brands such as Dell, HP, Supermicro, Intel, Western Digital, etc. Our experienced professionals ensure the entire ordering and initial set-up process runs smoothly. We build the servers directly on-site and meticulously check them through test-runs.

All server variations are possible

We offer renting and buying options for all common server equipment as well as for customised, highly complex and uncompromisingly powerful requested servers.

Continuity of integrity and functionality through RAID


We use different hardware and software RAID systems. Together, the storage media build a network which is more powerful than individual media regarding at least one aspect.



With RAID-systems, you can selectively achieve different benefits:

  • increased reliability (redundancy)
  • increased data transmission rate (performance)
  • construction of large logical drives
  • exchange of storage media (also during operation)
  • expansion of storage (also during operation).

Flexible upgrade options

With our rental-price solutions, you are not obliged to use your server in the originally selected form for the entire contract period. Upgrades and add-on products for your dedicated server can be ordered from us any time. We can carry out upgrades, change to different server systems or prematurely exchange individual components while operations are ongoing; all that is required is a price adjustment.

Guaranteed reliability

We guarantee the unlimited reliability of your desired server during the entire contract period. You will never have to worry about exchanging outdated or faulty IT-components. Plenty of replacement or upgrade hardware is always available in our own, well-sorted warehouse, so you won’t lose time due to equipment outages or waiting for deliveries.

Server equipment with management console

Our servers have standardised interfaces which allow remote access, so they can be managed and monitored remotely. Through a management interface, such as for example IPMI with KVM (over ip)-function, all servers can easily be controlled remotely. Many regular administrative tasks, such as restarting, can thus be carried out by clients themselves without incurring costs for managed services.

Proactive advice

One of our greatest strengths is that we provide individualised advice. Our clients enjoy benefits such as the amendment of possible misconcept developments, avoidance of oversizing, and can learn about alternative solutions during the initial fitting as well as during conversion or updating. Selecting the right hardware frequently poses a challenge. Often, companies lack sufficient knowledge concerning energy efficiency or compatibility in the solution-oriented use of hardware and hardware components, such as for example RAM modules and RAID controllers. That’s why it makes sense to take advantage of the expertise of our specialists.

Optional: dedicated storage systems

To safely manage vast amounts of data over the long term, conventional server hard drives are insufficient. They are too small, too slow and too insecure. We recommend specialised storage systems that take your needs into account. We are happy to provide individual advice to avoid issues like oversizing and so that we can embed options for the future – right from the start.


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