Develop your digital business

New technologies, trends and societal developments regularly ensure changes in the world of digital business. Companies have to adapt to these changes in order to position themselves successfully.

Media, telecommunications, camera manufacturers, retail trade, taxi companies – in the last several years, these sectors had to painfully experience that business models do not always automatically work for ever. Digital means change – not only in our personal life and society – but also in the way we do business. This change often requires new digital business models that complement, expand or even replace existing ones. diva-e is the optimal partner because we combine different disciplines and expertise in our comprehensive service portfolio. We combine different building blocks in such a way that they optimally and sustainably support the online business strategies of our customers. We follow and drive trends, and thanks to our customers from different industries, we know what really works.

We advise and support with planning as well as with implementation. Furthermore, we work with you to introduce solutions in companies and provide support with technical and operational processes. Companies who rely on dive-e know-how gain a clear advantage over the competition—an advantage that can be decisive in the digital age.

Our service portfolio is as versatile as you are. You want to improve your processes with partners and suppliers, but require native apps for iPhone &amp?; Co., you’d like to offer additional digital services and solutions through portals or supplement existing B2B and B2C sales channels with a new online shop? We understand the challenges and support you with the right system.

Also in the areas of

  • mobile websites,
  • procurement portals,
  • subscription models,
  • configurators,
  • Smart Product & IoT applications or
  • complex company websites for the delivery of digital products

We look forward to working on solutions with you as your experienced partner.

GARTNER, Seizing the Digital Business Advantage Report 2013
By 2017, 25% of all companies will lose significant market share because of a missing digital business advantage.

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