Digital transformation

The opportunities offered by digital transformation appear to be limitless: it brings a completely new dimension and intensity to customer interaction, paves the way for new business models and revenue sources and opens up untold potential for automation. We support you in making the best possible use of these opportunities for your company.

diva-e has many years’ experience in assessing companies’ current situations as well as designing and executing their digital transformation. Our approach combines the customer-centric approach (Customer Centricity) with the resource-based approach that builds on the strengths and qualities of your business.

A company’s digital fitness is more important than ever for their future viability. Ideally, the starting point for your company’s digital transformation is assessing the status quo in terms of digitization. As part of our empirically-based DM³ maturity analysis, we determine your company’s current digital readiness and performance. These company-specific strengths and the opportunities identified can therefore be taken into account when developing the digital strategy.

The digital strategy forms the basis of your company’s digital transformation. It helps you unify your company's digital activities and ensures that all departments and employees work towards a common vision. This digital vision is based on a fundamental market analysis and builds on identified company competencies. Part of the digital strategy also identifies strategic guidelines and digital activities. We specify the measures needed using a digital roadmap and identify both development projects as well as Quick Wins, so that you can start implementing the digital strategy immediately.An important component of a successful digital transformation is continuous digital performance management. Identifying relevant key metrics and target values as well as using digital dashboards enables intelligent and timely adaptation of measures and a continuous review of the strategy.To ensure effective digital transformation management, we support you in setting up the transformation process and, when needed, act as a project manager on the way. Part of the digital transformation management can also cover digital organization and change or initiate digital innovation and entrepreneurship, for example through product and business model development, co-creation, innovation hubs or start-up incubators.

Jan Stöckel, Manager Consulting, diva-e
Progressive digitization leads to heterogeneous interfaces, which determine our everyday life more and more.

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