Increase your reach

Societal change, globalisation and digital transformation: Companies that want to set themselves apart in the modern business world can’t afford to underestimate the importance of reach.

When face-to-face contact with salespeople was still a deciding factor for mutual trust, a business’s reach was often confined to a particular town or city. With technological advances, increases in networking and globalisation, the sales behaviour of customers and the marketing and communications possibilties for companies have changed dramatically. The buyer and his or her individual wishes has become the focus. Companies therefore have to find new ways to create sufficient visibility for their content and products. In order to build up a corresponding reach, companies must meet increasing customer expectations with regards to relevant content, special offers and excellent service at every touchpoint along the customer journey.

This is where diva-e comes into play. As part of e-commerce strategy consulting, we work with you to define measures to achieve your strategic goal. We can determine how and where customers should be addressed via a relevant customer journey and target group analysis. At the same time, we support the establishment of customer journey intelligence through data enrichment and evaluation as well as automation that aids communication with customers in real time. Based on these findings, we also advise you on how your marketing mix can be translated into an omnichannel strategy.

In order to completely exploit your e-business’s potential, we work with you to optimise a retail marketing integration or a mobile app development concept. In addition, we rely on an efficient implementation of content marketing strategies in order to optimise your customer reach and approach. When corporate blogs or e-books are made available for download, they are effective tools that help emphasise expertise in a subject area and build a reputation as a specialist. Marketing, buzz content, brand messages and offers can be communicated simply and easily to the desired target group via social media. diva-e specialists will also help you develop relevant strategies.


The prerequisite for the success of each of these measures, however, is your company’s corresponding visibility in search engines. Therefore, we also offer tools for search engine marketing, an area which should not be ignored. Finally, in combination with performance marketing, we keep continuous monitoring and adjustment of all activities on the agenda. With these tools and methods, along with our many years of project experience, nothing stands in the way as we work together to optimise your reach.

Sirko Schneppe, Founder & Managing Director, diva-e
Today we’re still talking about Mobile First, tomorrow companies should be able to answer bots’ requests.

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