Internationalisation in e-business

The internationalisation of business models brings with it opportunities and risks, but only those who can overcome the hurdles of transborder e-commerce will be successful in the future.

According to the consulting and research institute ibi research, 85 percent of German e-commerce providers are already active internationally: The majority of them are actively selling abroad while one in five service international orders without exporting themselves. Globalisation is no longer a trend, but rather a necessary bread and butter business for companies that want to operate in a conscious and forward-thinking manner. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that almost half of projected revenue from international online commerce by 2025 will be generated in Asia, Europe and North America.

E-commerce companies that are already successful with domestic sales and want to extend their business model often decide on internationalisation as the next step of their e-business growth plan. Opening new customer groups and markets as well as increasing profile and revenue belong at the top of the list of goals. However, it’s far from over with a linguistic adaptation of the online shop: Internationalisation involves intense preliminary work and strategic planning in order to calculate opportunities and risks individually and to develop a concept that optimally fits your needs.

diva-e helps you along the way as a strategic consultant. As part of strategy consulting, we define your potential for expansion on the basis of e-commerce competitive analysis and highlight potential barriers to market entry. We place market and customer in our focus and create the necessary understanding of culture, mentality and local peculiarities in dealing with e-commerce—a central prerequisite for the preparation of content relevant to the target group. Together with you, we define a rollout and internationalisation strategy, which translates the project into concrete actions, and develop an individual roadmap for you. Relevant performance will also be mapped out in the course of the marketing plan (among others, search engine marketing).

Boston Consulting Group, 2016
Annual revenue in transborder e-commerce will grow to between $250 and $350 billion by 2025.

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