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Agile Project Management

Today, projects are usually too complex to be consistently planned in advance

Classical project management reaches its limits so quickly and often involves expensive change requests and other disruptions – or even the infamous “project hiccup.” We have one remedy to counter that: Professional, agile project management.

Michael Schmidt
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Michael Schmidt
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Quick results instead of time-consuming change requests

Using agile project methods such as Scrum, the challenges of even complex projects can be solved: By breaking the project down into small, manageable and feasible subprojects, which the team can complete within a few days. This allows for the highest level of transparency vis-à-vis all involved as well as for a continuous review and adjustment of processes and requirements. Agile project management enables goal-oriented, cost-efficient and high-quality software development, which is always based on business value. It’s a matter of course for us to present functioning software that is already able to go into trial after two weeks of work.

  • Business value orientation

  • Break down of complex facts into plannable iterations

  • Functioning software from the beginning

  • Transparency in planning and implementation

  • Custom-fit support in everyday project work

Our project and product management specialists are often deployed with our product teams or requested during individual project phases. Not only do we sometimes support customer projects with Product Owner and Scrum Master, but we also use project managers. In this way, we can best support our customers’ teams and ensure that project runs are planned, implemented and organised efficiently and effectively.

Consulting and training

Another way we deploy our project and product management professionals, among them experienced Agile Coaches, is by providing advice and training to customers who want to further develop their project pathways or introduce agile work methodology. diva-e experts in agile project management are not aloof dogmatists, but they rather draw on experience gained from long practice and deepen it continuously – in our own projects. In our work, it’s important to us that we draw on our experiences on a non-dogmatic, direct and on par basis, both in terms of teams and management functions.

  • Team coaching and management consulting

  • Training and certification of roles and methods

  • Pragmatism and project experience

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