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Digitalisation creates new business models and changes existing markets. Customer needs and behaviour are changing rapidly and competitors enter the market who were not on the radar until recently. Well-established companies find it particularly hard to anticipate and take advantage of these dynamics. Past success often makes it difficult to challenge existing products and processes. Very often, focus has turned inwards, and the customer has disappeared over the horizon. However, the key to long-term corporate success, particularly in dynamic market environments, is the ability to develop demand-driven innovation and business models and to implement them commercially.

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Frank Rauchfuß
Managing Director Consulting & Data

Our service: bespoke strategies for innovation and entrepreneurship

diva-e helps you to increase your company’s innovative and commercial abilities. We develop tailor-made strategies for innovation and entrepreneurship and implement them together with you.

Our services:

  • Development of digital innovation and commercial strategies

  • Deriving digital product and service innovations

  • Designing innovative, digital business models

  • Building structures and frameworks to encourage innovation (e.g. Innovation Hub, Innovation Sandbox, Start-up Accelerator) Conducting workshops and training on innovation and entrepreneurship

Our tools: Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and more

In both strategy development as well as workshops and training, we follow the Human-Centred Innovation approach, where customer needs are the key starting point for new products, services and business models. Working with you, we use methodology such as Design Thinking, Science Fiction Prototyping, Lean Start-up, Business Model Canvas, Business Model Navigator and Effectuation. Your company benefits from our expertise and many years of experience in strategy and start-up consulting.

The result: tap into new revenue streams

By implementing digital innovation strategies, your company can not only respond proactively to changing customer needs through additional digital services but also safeguard its existing business model and tap into new sources of revenue. In addition, entrepreneurship paves the way for your company to focus on both internal and external results and constantly renew itself.

Don’t become a victim of digitisation, be the revolution in the market!

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