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Digital Maturity Analysis

From “Digital Explorer” to “Digital Leader”

Companies can ensure their future viability with their own digital transformation. Ideally, companies change from the outside in – adapting strategy, structure and culture to meet market changes and requirements. However, companies that delay this process for too long, prioritise activities and tools incorrectly, or do not adapt their service portfolio to the new environment in good time run the risk of losing market share. To uncover the opportunities digital transformation can bring at an early stage, diva-e has developed, in cooperation with the Aalen University of Applied Sciences, the empirically-based Digital Maturity Model DM³ – a strategic management tool that determines your company’s stage of digital development and identifies concrete areas of activity.

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Frank Rauchfuß
Managing Director Consulting & Data

Our service: diva-e drives digitalisation

Using the DM³ model, diva-e helps you measure your company's digital performance relative to the competition, as well as identify internal readiness and capabilities. A comparison of your actual situation with market and industry benchmarks reveals specific areas of activity for your company in terms of digitisation and customer focus. Objective positioning and assessment of digital performance (external) and digital readiness (internal) through industry and best practice benchmarking.

  • Identification of company-specific digital strengths and weaknesses

  • Identification of the relevant digital areas of activity

  • Prioritisation of practical measures to strengthen the digital position

  • Provide a digital roadmap with quick-wins and longer-term development initiatives

  • Development of a reference model to monitor progress of the digital transformation processes

Our tools: benchmarking and maturity analysis

A multi-methodology approach is used to measure digital maturity. In addition to measuring digital performance and carrying out a quantitative and qualitative customer touchpoint analysis, an internal assessment using qualitative interviews and document analysis as well as industry and competitive benchmarking will be conducted. Our years of expertise in maturity analyses as well as the availability of reference data for all relevant industries provide you with an ideal foundation for developing and managing the digital excellence of your business.

The result: targeted digitalisation

Objective positioning using the DM³ model brings transparency to your company’s digital service and readiness. The comprehensive maturity assessment covers existing potential as well as differences in third-person perception of individual departments, which enables your company to initiate overdue innovation and changes. The DM³ digital maturity analysis is the ideal basis for targeted digitisation.

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