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Mastering the challenges of digital change with diva-e

Digitalisation comes with many, sometimes unforeseen, consequences, such as changing demands on employees or new forms of work and collaboration ("New Work"). These developments increasingly require companies to dismantle established structures and processes and reinvent them. This cannot be achieved by just scratching at the surface. A company’s successful and long-term digital transformation must stretch across the whole organisation to reach its value system and deepest structures ("Deep Digitalisation").

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Frank Rauchfuß
Managing Director Consulting & Data

Our service: implementation of change strategies

With our many years of expertise in accompanying organisational change processes, we support you in the development and implementation of change strategies.

  • Development of a digital organisational vision (organisational target image)

  • Development of a strategic roadmap including appropriate fields of action

  • Creating change programs

  • Accompanying the change process

  • Digital Leadership Workshops

  • Implementation of change interventions and qualification measures

Our tools: Design Thinking with diva-e

When developing a digital organisation, we use resource-based approaches (such as Effectuation) on the one hand to get the most out of your business. Furthermore, methodology with a demonstrably positive effect on the culture of innovation, such as Design Thinking, comes into play. Last but not least, communication also plays a key role in the change process. Here, for example, we use approaches such as Working Out Loud.

The result: mastering digital transformation

Together with you, we develop a change strategy that is tailor-made for your company’s situation, taking into consideration both the entire organisation as well as the needs of the various stakeholders. This allows you to bring your workforce on board right from the start and make the digital transformation mission a success.

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