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Channel Optimisation

Long-term optimisation of your marketing and sales channels– with the help of data

Optimise your channels based on your users’ actual behaviour. That way, you can optimise your marketing and sales channels long term and better address your target group. Using the data you collect, develop well-researched forecasts on which to base recommendations for future marketing and sales activities.

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Jan Stöckel
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Our service: determine the most effective budget allocation

From in-depth data analysis, we derive well-researched forecasts and optimisation strategies. Our recommendations for future marketing and sales activities are based on historic data. Through the collected insights from your channels, diva-e experts will show you what the optimal budget allocation for your business looks like.

The result: long-term optimisation of your marketing channels

With the help of data, our goal is to sustainably optimise your marketing channels long-term, getting the best possible use out of them. Together with our diva-e experts, you can determine which channels are really profitable for your company and which channels deserve less marketing budget.

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