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Unsere Experten im Bereich Data & Intelligence beraten Sie umfassend im Bereich Data - damit Sie Ihr Business und Ihre Kundenansprache optimal ausrichten können:

Aggregate your data for targeted analysis

Every day, your company collects data from different applications. From social media via advertising to the newsletter tool. All of these applications store data that is usually viewed separately. However, you can benefit from targeted analysis by bringing the data together into one tool.

Your contact person
Johannes Höller
Head of CDP & Data Analytics

Our service: simple integration at the touch of a button in one central tool

We enable comprehensive data collection through simple aggregation at the push of a button. As a result, all information from marketing and sales channels can be saved in one tool with just one mouse click – ready for analysis and evaluation!

Our diva-e data experts can set up and configure web tracking solutions, such as Google Analytics, Matomo, Adobe Analytics, Etracker or Open Web Analytics. In addition, we offer custom connectors for CRM systems (such as Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive or Highrise), ERP systems (such as SAP BusinessOne, Sage 100, Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and customer data platforms. Thanks to our close technology partnerships, we also offer plugins for various shop systems such as Magento, Spryker, Hybris, Oxid or Intershop. Integrating social media systems is another option, just like the installation of the Google Tag Manager.

Our tools: the best tracking tools on the market

To help you with efficient and intelligent data collection, we use SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 for customer journey tracking, as well as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics 360. For effective (big) data management, data collection from various source systems and visualisation, we use the Qlik Sense Enterprise BI platform. What’s more, with the leading intelliAd Suite, we offer our own powerful tool for integrated tracking, reporting and bid management.

The result: get the most out of your data

The more data you bring together, the better conclusions you can draw from it. Web tracking, advertising, social media or newsletters – capture and aggregate data from all your marketing and e-commerce channels to get the most out of your data. Say goodbye to data silos with every tool and establish frictionless collaboration across departments with uniform data management.

Understand your users and optimise your business

How do you plan your marketing and sales campaigns? Based on gut feeling or based on data? With our years of experience, we will show you how to optimise your marketing channels based on actual data. For example, when is the best time to send a newsletter? We help you find solutions based on the data available. Optimise all your marketing activities – from budget spend on campaign content to your SEO and related keywords. With targeted activity based on in-depth analysis of user data, you can quickly take productive action and increase your online revenue.

Your contact person
Jan Stöckel
Director Customer Engagement

Our service: data-driven optimisation strategies

Our optimisation proposals are based on well-researched customer journey mapping and marketing mix analyses. diva-e experts will help you to improve your newsletter content and choose the ideal delivery time to address your relevant target group in an efficient and targeted manner. As a Transactional Experience Partner, we are at your side providing continuous, sustainable support for your projects.

The result: use your marketing budget profitably

Reduce ineffective marketing spends with our help. Make good use of your budget and improve conversion rates, shopping cart values and your lead generation. Together, we develop efficient campaigns to help you achieve individual goals and increase the success of your marketing overall.

Draw the right conclusions from your data

You already collect data, why not use it optimally? The biggest challenge for companies is to meaningfully contextualise the data they collect. Identifying important data is another hurdle with data and intelligence. Different divisions in a corporation have different requirements. We help introduce Business Intelligence into your organisation and draw the right conclusions from your data.

Your contact person
Johannes Höller
Head of CDP & Data Analytics

Our service: Business Intelligence solutions selection and implementation

diva-e data experts not only offer advice on selecting the right BI systems, but are also happy to take over the development and implementation of BI solutions. We devise reporting plans for transparent business analytics and create dashboards and information designs.

Our tools: powerful partner BI suites and in-house products

We use different business intelligence suites from well-established partners as well as developing in-house solutions. In cooperation with tableau, we offer a self-service BI suite with Office-style dashboard creation. We use Microsoft Power BI as the enterprise-ready BI suite. Qlik Sense Enterprise is ideal for use as an Enterprise Ready BI suite for (big) data management with data catalyst. We can provide further powerful BI solutions thanks to our in-house development capabilities.

The result: easy-to-understand dashboards for data-driven decisions

Optimise all your marketing and sales activities based on a fundamental understanding of user behaviour. Bring your data into a meaningful context. Create clear and easy-to-understand dashboards for all corporate divisions. By correctly visualising and analysing the data collected, you can recognise patterns and identify potential for improvement in the right places. Measuring the success of your campaigns, optimising landing pages and targeting users becomes even easier. Enable decision makers to recognise and respond to important information at a glance.

Long-term optimisation of your marketing and sales channels– with the help of data

Optimise your channels based on your users’ actual behaviour. That way, you can optimise your marketing and sales channels long term and better address your target group. Using the data you collect, develop well-researched forecasts on which to base recommendations for future marketing and sales activities.

Your contact person
Claudia Rook
Manager Strategy Consulting & Team Lead

Our service: determine the most effective budget allocation

From in-depth data analysis, we derive well-researched forecasts and optimisation strategies. Our recommendations for future marketing and sales activities are based on historic data. Through the collected insights from your channels, diva-e experts will show you what the optimal budget allocation for your business looks like.

The result: long-term optimisation of your marketing channels

With the help of data, our goal is to sustainably optimise your marketing channels long-term, getting the best possible use out of them. Together with our diva-e experts, you can determine which channels are really profitable for your company and which channels deserve less marketing budget.

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