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Understand your users and optimise your business

How do you plan your marketing and sales campaigns? Based on gut feeling or based on data? With our years of experience, we will show you how to optimise your marketing channels based on actual data. For example, when is the best time to send a newsletter? We help you find solutions based on the data available. Optimise all your marketing activities – from budget spend on campaign content to your SEO and related keywords. With targeted activity based on in-depth analysis of user data, you can quickly take productive action and increase your online revenue.

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Jan Stöckel
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Our service: data-driven optimisation strategies

Our optimisation proposals are based on well-researched customer journey mapping and marketing mix analyses. diva-e experts will help you to improve your newsletter content and choose the ideal delivery time to address your relevant target group in an efficient and targeted manner. As a Transactional Experience Partner, we are at your side providing continuous, sustainable support for your projects.

The result: use your marketing budget profitably

Reduce ineffective marketing spends with our help. Make good use of your budget and improve conversion rates, shopping cart values and your lead generation. Together, we develop efficient campaigns to help you achieve individual goals and increase the success of your marketing overall.

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