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Draw the right conclusions from your data

You already collect data, why not use it optimally? The biggest challenge for companies is to meaningfully contextualise the data they collect. Identifying important data is another hurdle with data and intelligence. Different divisions in a corporation have different requirements. We help introduce Business Intelligence into your organisation and draw the right conclusions from your data.

Christian Zepter
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Christian Zepter
Manager Data Driven Business

Our service: Business Intelligence solutions selection and implementation

diva-e data experts not only offer advice on selecting the right BI systems, but are also happy to take over the development and implementation of BI solutions. We devise reporting plans for transparent business analytics and create dashboards and information designs.

Our tools: powerful partner BI suites and in-house products

We use different business intelligence suites from well-established partners as well as developing in-house solutions. In cooperation with tableau, we offer a self-service BI suite with Office-style dashboard creation. We use Microsoft Power BI as the enterprise-ready BI suite. Qlik Sense Enterprise is ideal for use as an Enterprise Ready BI suite for (big) data management with data catalyst. We can provide further powerful BI solutions thanks to our in-house development capabilities.

The result: easy-to-understand dashboards for data-driven decisions

Optimise all your marketing and sales activities based on a fundamental understanding of user behaviour. Bring your data into a meaningful context. Create clear and easy-to-understand dashboards for all corporate divisions. By correctly visualising and analysing the data collected, you can recognise patterns and identify potential for improvement in the right places. Measuring the success of your campaigns, optimising landing pages and targeting users becomes even easier. Enable decision makers to recognise and respond to important information at a glance.

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