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Customers are experiencing an increasingly complex journey through ever more connected physical, digital and mobile touchpoints with businesses. This leads to more transparency in information, decision-making and purchasing processes. At the same time, the increasingly digital customer journey becomes more manageable for companies and enables them to access and use valuable customer data.

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Frank Rauchfuß
Managing Director Consulting & Data

Our service: generate and use customer data

diva-e supports you by managing the end-to-end customer journey. We help you recognise the value of the customer data generated and use it profitably:

  • Customer-focused target group analysis and segmentation

  • Analysis of customer behaviour in communication, information, decision-making and purchasing processes

  • Identification of relevant touchpoints

  • Identification of individual customer interaction pathways including triggers for “Moments of Truth”

  • Development of touchpoint management ideas

  • Definition of service and content strategies along touchpoints

  • Introduction of end-to-end performance management Our tools: interviews and panel groups

Your customers journeys are developed based on a well-researched customer analysis, for example through qualitative interviews and panel groups. Together, we develop personas for you using tools such as Empathy Map and Customer Inventory. Using Design Thinking, we consolidate the results as needed and visualise your customer journey using Customer Journey Mapping.

The result: understand your customers better

End-to-end customer journey management significantly increases the customer experience along the entire purchasing process. By optimising interaction and integrating touchpoints, you create synergies beyond the touchpoints themselves and lay the foundations for an automated customer journey (marketing automation). Continuous data tracking also allows you to understand your customers better and simplifies customer management.

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