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Whether it is Industry 4.0, networked mobility in the automotive sector or Smart Homes with connected energy systems: Networked solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are the future – and already offer companies competitive advantages today. diva-e is ideally integrated into the IoT area. Many years of experience, technical expertise and a spirit of innovation form the basis of diva-e’s IoT services, ranging from strategy development and implementation to operation. As an integrated Transactional Experience Partner, we also rely on strategic partnerships in the IoT area to expand our comprehensive IoT competencies and gain direct access to cutting-edge market developments and innovative technology.

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  • What is behind the term Industrie 4.0?

  • The Industry 4.0 reference architecture model

  • Digital Twin

  • Asset Administration Shell

  • Benefits and challenges of using IoT

  • Security and Industry 4.0

  • Securing Germany's leading position with Industrie 4.0

  • Misconceptions about Industry 4.0

Our service: diva-e IoT Lab for new business models

From early on, diva-e set up its own IoT Lab. The IoT Lab, which was founded primarily for high-end SMEs (mechanical engineering, B2B and retail), combines technological expertise in the Internet of Things with broad, networked consulting and application knowledge. It has enabled numerous innovative solutions to be implemented and practical exchange and knowledge transfer between end-user corporations, industry experts, and partners.

In the diva-e IoT Lab, the new opportunities offered by the Internet of Things are tested practically and developed promptly, and innovative ideas are turned into bespoke solutions. The focus is on the practical application of new technologies for B2B companies and retailers: The laboratory character enables us to quickly and easily build solution prototypes and test them in the early stages of a project.

Our tools: IoT as an enabler of data-driven business models

We see IoT as a technology and an approach, as a framework for implementing cross-domain, data-centric business models. diva-e will be with you on the road to success and helps by creating, implementing and operating business solutions using IoT.

The result: prototypes and practical testing for your company

diva-e offers IoT Design Thinking Workshops for businesses. In so-called micro-projects, for which appropriate hardware and equipment is available at many of the eleven diva-e locations across Germany, new applications for the Internet of Things are being tested – covering both technical and non-technical issues.

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These are the questions you should ask yourself when deploying IIoT.

Of course, the IIoT also brings some challenges. Moving to automate processes or setting up a new architecture takes time and money. Therefore, before you start, it should be checked when a return of investment can be expected. It is also important to take a critical look at your own business model and analyze the opportunities and risks. In this context, one question that arises is whether existing business systems and databases can keep pace with current IoT services. Many older ERP systems run on hard disk-based databases and quickly reach their limits in terms of performance. However, the networking of products and machines is often dependent on these systems. Therefore, you need to question what capabilities your ERP offers.

Does it use artificial intelligence (AI)? Does it offer integrated technologies or machine learning? When using IIoT, check in advance whether you need to upgrade to take full advantage of Industry 4.0.

Misconceptions about Industry 4.0

"Digitization and Industry 4.0 are one and the same."

"Industry 4.0 is clearly defined and structured.

"The Digital Twin is a finished product."

"Digital Twin is a single software or interface."

"Digital Twin is immutable."

"Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are different things."

"And what about IoT?" the attentive reader will now ask.

"The administration shell is only a theoretical product and is none of my business."

"The administrative shell is not ready yet. I'd rather wait until it's all done."

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