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Data-driven attribution with diva-e

Nowadays, businesses are faced with an overwhelming flood of user and customer data. But this can be an advantage: When correctly collected and systematically and accurately evaluated, this data provides a firm foundation for a successful, scalable digital strategy and long-term sales maximisation. But there is a problem: Companies can sometimes not see the wood for the trees. Digital Analytics provides the tools to bring order to the flood of data and use it to create truly profitable marketing campaigns. And important data protection aspects according to GDPR (DSGVO) are taken into account from the very beginning.

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Frank Rauchfuß
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Our service: track and analyse your data

Effective marketing with optimal channel control can only be achieved using coherent customer data. Data-driven attribution only works if tracked systematically using the right metrics. Even the best data is useless if it cannot be managed effectively and visualised transparently. diva-e’s experts can build an analytics system that meets these requirements and recommends concrete courses of action. Our services include:

  • Strategy consulting and project management

  • Digital controlling

  • Analytics data warehouse

  • Web & app tracking systems

  • Tag management

  • Development of analytics tools for web & apps

  • Marketing attribute models

  • Reporting and insights

  • Dashboarding and data visualisation

  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • A/B testing

  • Training and workshops

Our tools: implementation of an attribution model

diva-e’s experts go through several steps to create the data foundations for your business success, from an extensive audit of current tracking solutions to implementing a high-performance attribution model. Your employees are always involved in order to build grounded, in-house analytical capability that meet the specific needs of your business.

The result: acquire new customers and retain existing ones

Every site owner can profit from digital analytics. Only those who understand their users can tailor their content and offers to visitors and win them over permanently: no matter if they are customers, subscribers or readers. By constantly analysing traffic and user behaviour, deficits in marketing and content are easily identified. Frequently accessed content can be expanded and efficiently cross-linked and “dead wood” eliminated. You will also know if the usability of the site is sufficient. Web analytics also help you to continuously improve your product or service range, thereby acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones and improving conversion rates.

The insights drawn from a comprehensive digital analysis form the basis of being proactive and adapting your marketing strategies to future requirements in a timely manner. Web analytics data is an asset that allows you to measure success objectively, facilitates planning and optimises budget allocations.

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