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Full control over your marketing activities with Privacy Safe Analytics

Data protection and data quality have top priority

The laws on data protection place high demands on advertisers and websites. Currently, one of the most prominent examples of this is cookies. The use of cookies for advertising purposes requires the active consent of the website visitor. This has a considerable influence on the data basis of possible tracking, since not every website visit is automatically recorded with a cookie. This not only makes data collection and administration more difficult, but also means additional effort for the subsequent analysis and has an impact on reporting, performance measurement, bid management and budget allocation. In order to guarantee data quality and data protection despite these hurdles, the digital experts of diva-e have developed a solution for the own performance marketing suite intelliAd for joint use with the Consent Management Platform of Usercentrics.

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Privacy-Safe-Analytics (short PSA) is the solution for a reliable database for performance measurement and campaign optimisation. PSA reacts dynamically to the consent status provided by the Consent Management Platform. In the absence of consensus, no cookies are set, but all important information is collected anonymously and aggregated via the customer journey. Without consensus, however, a reference to an individual user is completely excluded. This gives website operators and marketers full control over their advertising measures.

How does Privacy Safe Analytics work?

If a consensus is available to the system, PSA enriches the anonymously collected data with the current content information and registers all other desired information.

If there is no consensus, no cookies are used and no personal data is collected. Instead, only the entry point with the prevailing Content ID and the Consent status of the user is recorded.

Using the Content-ID, it is possible to display the information in an aggregated form. A conclusion on a natural person is completely excluded.

Aggregation of the data about your advertising measures

Regardless of the user content prevailing at the time of the click or conversion, the data on all touchpoints made can be displayed in aggregated form using the recorded content ID. A conclusion on a single person is not possible for users with active content or for users without active content. Thus, e.g. the intelliAd BidManagement has a valid database and reports for the evaluation of campaigns can still be generated with a sufficient data basis.

As individual user journeys, only those are displayed which had a Consent status of "Yes".

Use of Privacy Safe Analytics

PSA can be activated in the intelliAd interface by customers at any time. Even possible changes of the Usercentrics settings are possible without any problems. To do so, the PSA tags must first be installed on the website. The OnSite-Tag for setting the cookie, however, is activated by the CMP when a content is active.

Privacy Safe Analytics: Your advantages

High quality of the aggregated database

  • The data is dynamically collected and processed based on the Consent status

  • Regardless of the consistency status, PSA can still display the collected data in aggregated form

  • Individual user journeys are adapted to the prevailing consensus status at the touchpoint

Click Tracking

  • PSA enriches its own data with information from Usercentrics' CMP

  • By the Content-ID, we can recognise a user independent of his content status

Conversion Tracking

The data to be transmitted in conversions is reduced to a minimum if there is no consensus. Only the event and the conversion value are recorded. If a consensus is active, further relevant data such as order-IDs or a margin can be collected as usual.

Aggregation of the data

Through the content IDs, which are anonymous to us, and the absence of cookies, we can establish a relationship between the user's individual touchpoints. We use these to be able to aggregate the data about the advertising measures.

Visualisation of individual user journeys

When displaying individual user journeys, a personal reference can be created. For this reason, we only display user journeys in reports and in the interface that had an active consensus status at the corresponding touchpoints.

Activation in the intelliAd interface

PSA can be activated at any time in the intelliAd interface. Even possible changes of the Usercentrics settings are possible without any problems.

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