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Dedicated Server

Exclusive servers for our clients

A dedicated server is a private server in our datacentre. Clients have all the computing power of this server at their disposal and there is always sufficient computing power for even the most demanding applications. In contrast to virtual servers (vServers), clients do not have to share computing power with other users. What’s more, with a dedicated server, clients have full control over the entire system.

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Our service: bespoke dedicated servers with First Colo

Together, we will agree on the hardware specifications required according to your individual needs and requirements. We will consider established manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Supermicro, Intel, Western Digital etc. Our experienced professionals ensure the ordering and commissioning process runs smoothly. We configure your server on site and carry out a thorough quality check during testing.

Rental and purchase options are available for all popular server equipment as well as customised, highly complex and relentlessly powerful servers designed to your specifications.

Our tools: continuity of integrity and functionality

With our rental solutions, you are not obliged to use your servers in their original configuration for the entire term of the agreement. You can order upgrades and additional products for your dedicated server at any time. Upgrades and switching to other server systems as well as early replacements of individual components can also be carried out by us during ongoing operations. We guarantee the unlimited availability of your server over the entire contract period. So you never have to worry about replacing outdated or faulty IT components. Our well-stocked, in-house warehouse always has enough spare parts and expansion hardware to avoid any downtime, delivery delays or waiting times.

Our servers have standardised interfaces that allow them to be monitored and managed remotely. All servers can easily be operated remotely using a management interface such as IPMI or KVM (over IP). Many regular administrative tasks such as restarts can therefore be performed by clients directly, thereby saving on Managed Service costs.

We use different hardware and software RAID systems. Depending on your needs, RAID systems offer various advantages:

  • Increased resilience (redundancy)

  • Quicker data transfer rate (performance)

  • Larger logical drives

  • Replacement of storage media (even during operation)

Furthermore, your dedicated server in our datacentre enjoys the best possible network connections and a redundant infrastructure. What’s more, we always protect your server from unwanted DDoS or other cyber attacks. Our DDoS protection can also easily repel so-called volumetric attacks.

The result: excellent hardware through proactive consulting

One of our greatest strengths is individual consulting: You can benefit from improvements to unsuitable server configurations, avoid over-provisioning for your project and consider suggestions on alternative original equipment or expansion hardware. Just choosing the right hardware is often a challenge. When deploying solution-driven hardware (components) such as RAM modules and RAID controllers, there is often a lack of sufficient knowledge of energy efficiency or compatibility. So take advantage diva-e’s datacentre experts’ experience. Traditional (server) hard disks lack the capacity to manage large of amounts of data long-term – they are too small, too slow and too insecure. In this case, we recommend appropriate specialist storage systems which we gladly advise you on to ensure precisely tailored and future-proofed specifications.

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