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Save money with First Colo's storage solution

diva-e's Storage on Demand infrastructure can immediately provide the resources needed with no delay. We offer a solution for storing or archiving all important corporate data quickly, reliably, wherever you are. Cost optimisation, efficiency and flexibility are our focus.

The First Colo datacentre boasts on-demand storage infrastructure that’s ready for your business straight away. Our Storage on Demand solution offers the best possible advantages of scaling, resulting in large cost savings. In addition, we create opportunities for extensive integration using various interfaces.

Our storage solution has triple redundancy without needing to buy three individual storage servers.

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Our service and your benefits

No administrative hurdles – start immediately

Our specialists provide background support for the Storage on Demand environment. Straight after ordering, you can use this infrastructure for whatever you need – and we’ll take care of everything else.

Various integration options

The time of so-called isolated applications is over. We seamlessly integrate the storage capacity you need into your hosted environment. We can therefore offer the real added value of comprehensive system integration.

High availability

Your environment is available 24 hours a day. Your data is securely stored in our German datacentre. The storage solution is designed to provide an average of 99.999% availability per year.

Multiple replication

All files on our Storage on Demand environment are stored with triple replication. This way, by using just one storage solution, we can offer a significant cost advantage against a service which would normally only be possible using triple storage redundancy.

Flexible scalability

Depending on requirements, storage capacity can be adapted dynamically in real time to meet your changing business needs.


Due to the wide range of available (and expandable) interfaces, our Storage on Demand environment can be used with all popular software solutions.


If you are already running your own servers or IT services in another location, you could still fully utilise the storage capacities in our datacentre as a standalone service (datacentre migration).


We rely on SSD accelerated technology with 100 percent flash memory, ensuring the highest achievable speeds to provide optimal support for I/O heavy applications.

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