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diva-e not only offers technical expertise, but also cutting-edge IT facilities. Our in-house datacentre in Frankfurt am Main is the perfect home for your data. We offer e-commerce and content platforms using corporate or bespoke software and 24/7 support throughout the entire lifecycle.

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Our service: IT applications for digitisation

Your business' digital transformation is complex and mission critical. It places high demands on your internal resources. Diva-e allows you to focus on important key areas. We develop digitally-driven business transformation strategies for marketing, sales and service and help you adapt your legacy IT landscape to the new digital applications.

diva-e takes over the operation of your new IT applications for digitisation. On-premise, in our own, cutting-edge diva-e datacentre in Frankfurt am Main. Vertically integrated: Application Management and IT Operations Management from a single source.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Operation of CMS platforms

  • Operation of Intershop platforms

  • Operation of SAP Commerce Cloud

Our tools: in-house datacentre

diva-e offers highly available, standardised (ITIL based) operations with SLAs covering the entire lifecycle of its e-commerce and content platforms. This includes rollout and migration as well as DevOps deployments.

With years of experience, our operations team use our own datacentre. Connected directly to international carriers and the world's largest internet nodes, we offer colocation, managed hosting services and DDoS protection with the highest standards of availability, scalability and security.

Two ways of working in application management

Basic Application Management

Basic Application Management includes all activities that are routinely and continuously or regularly performed to keep the system running stably. Also included are all emergency work required to eliminate problems. Contractually, these components are compensated with a monthly flat rate. This means that the service provider can act immediately and comprehensively in the event of malfunctions or incidents (in accordance with the specifications made in the T&T project).

Extended services in Application Management

All tasks that are to be performed only sporadically, infrequently, or upon request are referred to as extended services in Application Management. These services usually lead to changes. The 24/7 on-call service is booked separately and can be ordered for the resolution of incidents in error class 1.

Basic Application Management in detail

Basis Application Management includes all technical and process basis services for the operation of the application. The central task of Basis Application Management is incident management and the regular operation of the systems.

Due to the complex interaction of the technical systems, which may be under different responsibilities, the services of the SLA must be defined differently.

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The focus of the work is on the prevention and early detection of incidents. You can recognize perfect basic application management by the very low number of incidents.

Components of the Basis Application Management

Help Desk, Service Desk

Service Delivery Management

Incident Management

Regular Operations & Maintenance

Backup and Recovery Tests

System Monitoring

Extended services for application management in detail

The extended services of Application Management are usually planned, estimated and individually released or requested by the customer. It is a good idea to contractually agree a certain contingent of hours or days in advance to make billing easier.

The following extensions are charged on a time and material basis. The agreement and definition of responsibilities are done within the T&T project. Arising expenses will be estimated on tickets.

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If changes are made during incident processing in an emergency (e.g., through rollback or even workarounds), the focus is on quickly restoring the availability of the system. A controlled change alters the system by removing planned bugs or providing new functionality in new deployments. Changes can also increase operational availability.

Extensions in Application Management

Problem Management or Troubleshooting

Change Enablement

Service Request Fulfillment

Extended Operation


3rd Level Support


Advanced System Monitoring

Capacity and Performance Management

Security Management

Business Continuity Management

diva-e is your professional AMS partner

We support you in business-critical processes and systems with highly qualified employees and keep your back free. We are specialized in the operation of individual Java and PHP applications and the following standard products. In some cases, we can offer significantly better service levels for these than those mentioned above:

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The valid execution of backup runs is in the hands of the platform operators in PaaS offerings. Care must be taken to ensure that the corresponding PaaS offerings contain appropriate clauses for access to the documentation of these runs.

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