Content Optimisation in E-Commerce

Conversions steigern und Kunden binden mit individuellen Inhalten

More revenue with higher conversion rates

Several factors contribute to success, such as a shop system, payment methods or trust. However, the contribution of content is often underestimated. This ensures high search engine rankings and, with the right approach, can convert leads to customers.

Andrea Frohleiks
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Andrea Frohleiks
Head of Vendor Management, Compliance & ESG

Our service: Keyword optimised texts and theme worlds

Only 10% of all searches are transactional. So only a tiny section of those searching want to buy something from the pages Google shows them. This explains why the competition between online shops is so high.

Keyword optimised category texts are an effective solution in the fight for excellent Google positions and targeted traffic. The user does not have to click through the shop to find the products they want but is instead transferred straight from the search results and can be converted more easily.

Product descriptions directly from the manufacturer face two challenges:

  • They are not usually optimised by the manufacturer for conversion in your shop.

  • In addition, duplicate content can be created very quickly if several shops use the same product texts.

Individual content, on the other hand, gives you a clear ranking advantage over the competition. Your product descriptions and meta data will be optimised for long tail keywords. On the one hand, fewer competitors mean quicker SEO success and on the other, visitors who arrive at your shop via a specific long-tail search are much more likely to make a purchase and return their products less frequently.

Content-Formate für E-Commerce

Kategorietexte (transactional)

Produktbeschreibungen (transactional)

Kaufberater (infoactional)

Ratgeber (informational)

Blog/Magazin (informational)

Automatisierter Content (transactional)

Videos (transactional/informational)

Grafiken (transactional/informational)

Und so geht es weiter ...

Behandeln Sie Ihren Onlineshop-Content nicht nachrangig, sondern widmen Sie ihm Ihre volle Aufmerksamkeit. Wie Ihre Content-Bedürfnisse auch aussehen: diva-e unterstützt Sie von der SEO-Strategie bis zur Contenterstellung – für Ihren erfolgreichen Onlineshop. Sprechen Sie uns am besten noch heute an!

Andrea Frohleiks
Your contact person
Andrea Frohleiks
Head of Vendor Management, Compliance & ESG

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