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Anyone relying on short-term, individual campaigns will quickly fail. To achieve long-term success, you need to plan well into the future – from initial branding and individual communication strategies to final content creation and delivery.

Our Stuttgart office has been managing large retail brands since 1990, allowing them to adapt to market trends and demands. Our general and retail marketing expertise is built on five pillars: Retail Branding, Account Planning, Strategy Planning, Creative Thinking, and Branded Content.

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Oliver Ibelshäuser
Head of Content Marketing & Editorial

Retail Branding

Target-driven brands have a clear, distinctive image. This will strengthen customer loyalty, boost sales, and increase the value of your brand and business. Diva-e develops all the integrated components of a unified brand image: We define the personality of both brands and companies and help with strategic brand management – the most important tool to differentiate yourselves from the competition. We analyse and position your brand in line with your corporate strategy to turn you from a mere retailer to a high-profile retail brand.

Account Planning

diva-e brings together market, consumer and media insight to form well-founded, effective marketing strategies. We develop strategies derived from your organisation’s strategic direction to help you effectively formulate and achieve your corporate goals. Strategy Planning

diva-e develops retail marketing and communication approaches in line with your corporate strategy. These are based on current and future market trends – so you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Creative Thinking

diva-e's creativity is rooted in the Stuttgart office, whose work includes developing concepts, organising and supporting photoshoots worldwide, all-round design work and implementing campaigns.

Branded Content

Branded content enables brands to build a relationship with their customers and position themselves as experts in their field. This provides a decisive advantage over the competition, particularly in the digital age. diva-e produces branded, professional content of high journalistic quality which has won several awards over the last few years.

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