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Serve your customers a tasty content snack that is easy to consume for your users and anything but unhealthy for your online marketing. With snackable content, you can pack exciting content into easily digestible formats and give your brand presence a special spice. Illustrate complex issues for non-professionals, grab your users with emotional stories and ensure that your company is remembered in the long term, even with short content. Our content marketing experts will be happy to support you in the design and distribution of content snippets. Together with you, we will find the optimal media formats and channels for your target group - for snack content that whets your appetite for more!

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What is Snackable Content?

Snackable content refers to online content in the form of text, video, graphics or audio that is short, easy to understand and usually entertaining. It is primarily used on landing pages and social media platforms and can be easily shared, forwarded and, if necessary, downloaded. In this way, companies generate viral effects that promote user engagement and thus increase the reach and awareness of their brand.

Why are content snacks beneficial for all industries?

Perhaps you are now wondering why you should serve your target group a "snack" with less depth of information, of all things, when you basically have more technically complex content to convey. Perhaps you sell products or offer services where detailed advice information seems more relevant than compact info packages. It is therefore important to know: Snack content is not about simplification or entertainment.

These "snacks" can also be used optimally to make difficult-to-digest and complex issues understandable piece by piece.

Content snacks can take on very different forms and formats - from pure text messages and saying images to infographics, explanatory and short videos, and even podcasts. Good examples include tutorial video clips and infographics in the style of "In 3 steps to ..." or "5 practical tips ..." And indeed, while snackable content is primarily found on social media, it also takes place on company-owned platforms such as online stores and online magazines.

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Snackable content can appear purely as text, graphics, or in a mixed form. There are also video clips and audio formats that showcase your brand. It's important to distinguish between content you produce yourself and content created by users that relates to your own social media posts or website content.

Snackable text formats for quick understanding

  • Listicles: "The 10 best content snacks", "5 marketing facts you should know": these list texts - so-called listicles - are very popular. They are easy to scan, read, and visually entertaining with image galleries. For you this means: little effort, high benefit - in the long run also for SEO. By integrating them into your online presence, you have the chance to continuously generate traffic via Google and Co. Listicles can be divided into several content pieces thanks to their individual text blocks in the body text. You create a post once, play it out on your website, and use smaller bites from it on social networks to increase reach. This way, the content can be reused in many ways.

  • Short texts: With teasers on the website, tweets on Twitter, posts on Instagram, Facebook and Co. you bring your products and services closer to the target group and achieve maximum attention with just a few characters. Likewise, quotes are the classics of short text formats. Smart facts are a special form of short texts. With surprising facts such as "Would you have known?" you can lighten up dry content.

  • Summaries: Before longer texts, summarize the content briefly and concisely - often presented as a list (bullet points).

  • Surveys & quizzes: Both formats are united by the playful approach, with which you provide entertainment and at the same time use valuable information about your users for your marketing strategy.

Graphic content snacks as eye-catchers

  • Saying pictures & memes: Optimal for social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are pictures with funny sayings, jokes and life wisdom. Memes are often moving images.

  • Infographics: Complex issues presented simply - this can be done with infographics. These formats are suitable for use in guidebooks as well as social media.

  • Stories: Images can be combined into stories on Instagram, for example, to tell a short message. A video can also be designed as a story.

  • Image galleries: Keep users on your site longer with an image gallery embedded on your website and increase the length of stay. For example, galleries such as "The 5 most beautiful beaches on Mallorca" are conceivable here.

Important: If you decide on graphic content snippets, think about a consistent visual language for your brand image - keyword: corporate design.

Audio snacks for at home and on the road

  • Podcasts: Audio snacks are the way to go with a podcast for your target group. Whether in the car, in the bathtub, or waiting for the bus, the audio format can be easily consumed anywhere.

Snackable video content for in between

  • Explainer videos: Whether it's a complicated product like retirement planning, technical functionality or an instruction manual - with vivid videos, you can explain a variety of content to your users in an entertaining way.

  • Mini videos: Whether on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Snapchat - short videos grab users' attention. Reels and Boomerangs are among them.

Which channels are suitable for snackable content in social media?

The best content is only successful if it is seen. For this, search engine optimization is one of the most important flanking measures in content marketing. Depending on the format, the relevance of snackable content for SEO varies. The opportunities here are particularly in content seeding in social networks. After all, more than two-thirds of Germans use social media on a daily basis - so the potential for user engagement and thus viral propagation in social media channels is high. You "only" have to meet the taste or interest of your target group(s) with your content. To ensure that your content morsels are well received by your audience, you should play them out in a targeted manner. How do you do that? Ask our content professionals!

The next steps ...

Talk to us about your options in the area of Broken Link Analysis. We will be happy to advise you on measures and implementation. Free of charge, of course. Philipp München is looking forward to your call or e-mail.

Your contact person
Tanja Dröge
Senior Content Consultat
Your contact person
Christof Nikolai
Content Consultant & Editor

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