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Conversion Rate Optimisation

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) includes all measures on a digital product (e.g. website, app) that lead to an increase in the conversion rate. Conversion always refers to a success on the product, for example, a purchase, the consumption of an article or video, or the submission of a form.

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In order to achieve this goal, there are different areas which can be optimised:

  • Usability (How usable is my product?)

  • Content (How relevant, understandable and meaningful is my content?)

  • Layout / Design (How attractive and clear is my product?)

  • Customer-Journey (How is the user guidance on my product?)

It is always important that optimisation ideas are not simply implemented, but that controlled testing takes place in advance. This can prevent ideas from being implemented that ultimately have no or even negative effect on the performance of your product.

What methods can we use to optimise your digital product?

In addition to CRO, there are other forms of optimisation that can help you to increase the performance of your digital product and thus your success. Our method kit includes different approaches and approaches to get the most out of your website.

Trust in experts for the optimisation of your website

Our CRO experts have a deep methodological and technical understanding, which is why they can provide support throughout the entire optimisation process. Starting with the development of optimisation ideas and the conception of tests, the tool decision, up to the final implementation of the use cases - we as diva-e are excellently positioned for each of these steps.

For this reason, we also pursue a holistic approach to the implementation of optimisation projects. Optimisation is not a one-time process, which is why we recommend to continuously improve your digital product for the user. Our best practice approach is a 5-step iterative process:


At the start of a CRO project, our experts begin by gaining a better understanding of your company and its goals. In stakeholder interviews and KPI workshops, we work with you to develop a strategy for maximising your conversion rate. This phase also includes a project setup with the respective responsibilities and a roadmap.


In the second phase, your users are the focus. To optimise your website it is essential to know and understand your users. Only this knowledge enables you and us to tailor the experiences on the site to their needs. For this purpose, we use the knowledge about your target groups that already exists in your company and enrich it further through web tracking insights and qualitative analyses.

Ideas & Focus

In the third phase, we use the analyses and the understanding of your company and your users gained in the first two phases to derive optimisation ideas and test hypotheses. These ideas are prioritised based on objective criteria and collected in a testing backlog.


The next step is the conceptual development of your test ideas. Besides the definition of all necessary requirements, this phase is mainly concerned with the visualisation of the variants of your website to be tested. Here we are supported by our UX design team with its expertise.

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In step 5, we validate the previously established hypotheses and target groups in A/B tests and, if necessary, transfer them into long-term personalisation campaigns. With the help of our testing & analysis tools, we create evaluations and derive recommendations for action.

A/B Testing with diva-e using the example of E.ON

diva-e has been working with E.ON for more than 4 years in the area of Conversion Rate Optimisation and was able to gain a lot of experience on the basis of Adobe Target, especially in the technical implementation of Use Cases. Since the start of the cooperation more than 100 personalization & A/B testing campaigns have been implemented.

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