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Take your product campaigns to a whole new level with diva-e: our experts create, analyze and optimize your shopping ads in Google.

Benefit from our many years of expertise in search engine marketing, we are a certified premium partner of Google!

From free product search for retailers to one of the most important sources of revenue in online business: Google Shopping Ads are becoming increasingly important for your own reach and the willingness of potential customers to buy. With the image-heavy Shopping Ads, the search engine is reacting to Amazon's dominance in product search. Google is continuously increasing the share of product campaigns in the search results. Already, the popular Shopping ads and related formats can account for over 80% of Google Ads sales. More and more retailers are therefore placing their product range at the top as paid product pages. Would you also like to be more present with your products in Google Search, maximize your sales and boost your business sustainably? Our diva-e experts will be happy to advise you!

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Andrea Maurer
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What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a price comparison portal. Potential customers can easily compare individual products based on their price. Anyone who uses Google inevitably comes into contact with Shopping ads. Almost without exception, the prominently placed results are paid product ads, so-called Product Listing Ads (=PLA). These PLAs consist of the product image, price, shipping details and descriptive words. They are being used by more and more retailers to place their product offerings on Google.

Where can Shopping ads be placed?

1. Paid product pages are usually placed at the top or side of the Search Engine Result Page (=SERP). This prominent, visual placement can ensure more reach, sales and an increased willingness to buy.

2. In addition, the "Shopping" tab can be found in the navigation for every Google search. There, exclusively products are advertised, which you submit to Google as a shopping ad.

3. In addition, Google now also displays shopping ads in the "Images" tab in the navigation. This can mean a further boost for your advertised product pages.

How does Google Shopping work?

With Google Shopping, after entering a relevant search term, the user is shown various products as shopping ads above the organic search engine results. These Shopping Ads contain, among other things, a photo of the product, a description and the destination address. By clicking on the shopping ad, you direct the user to the relevant product page in your online store.

Google does not use keywords as the basis of analysis for displaying your products. So how does the search engine get the data it needs to describe the products as accurately as possible? This is where the so-called data feed comes into play, which is a kind of listing of the products along with their characteristics. As the owner of an online store, you can use the data feed to have your products prominently displayed in Google search by means of click-based billing.

What requirements do I have to meet?

In addition to the product data feed, the prerequisites for participation in Google Shopping are a valid Google Ads account and a Merchant Center account. Would you like to manage the accounts professionally and thus take your product campaigns to a whole new level? We will be happy to support you with this wish.

In this overview the whole process is shown in a simplified way. From your online store, the data export takes place first. In the professional feed management tool ProductsUp, this product data is optimized. In the Google Merchant Center, the data is checked. In Google Ads, both the budget and the campaigns are managed. The potential customer then sees the shopping ads as a paid insertion in Google Search.

Frome the online shop to the final shopping ad

What are the advantages of Google Shopping?

Around the world, approximately 4 billion search queries are made to Google every day - that equates to around 3 million search queries per minute. A large proportion of these queries come from users with a strong interest in buying. They use Google to search for their desired products in order to order them conveniently online. Take advantage of this willingness to buy with Google Shopping! With Shopping ads, online store operators can advertise products prominently directly on Google. In the Google Merchant Center, valuable competitor insights and advanced programs are available to you.

Your advantages as a merchant at a glance:

  • Top positioning on Google: Your products are placed prominently in the top search results.

  • Increased attention: Combined image/text ads provide a strong appeal and meet the search behavior of users.

  • Just one click to a (new) customer: Potential customers come directly to your selected product pages.

  • Direct competitiveness: In the Merchant Center, you receive information about your product prices compared to the competition. This allows you to quickly find out which products would benefit from a price change.

  • Targeted assortment decision: The Top Sellers report tells you which products and brands are most popular in shopping ads and free listings. This allows you to target the assortment.

  • Improved performance: Participation in other programs such as Google's product ratings, promotions, customer reviews ("Merchant Promotios") can improve your performance as an online business.

  • Strengthened brick-and-mortar retail: Based on Google Shopping Ads, you can also strengthen your offline retail. In our service area on Local Inventory Ads, you can learn how this benefits you as a local retailer.

  • Free listings: Also activate the free listings on Google's platforms (Search, Images, Shopping, Maps, Lens; see Format Overview).

Would you like an example?

Certified know-how on all shopping formats

We have many years of experience with shopping campaigns and are a certified premium partner of Google in search engine marketing! We support you professionally from the very beginning:

  • Conception

  • Provision

  • Implementation

  • Monitoring

  • Optimization

In addition to classic shopping ads, diva-e also offers support for Smart Shopping, CSS, Local Inventory Ads, Shopping Actions or Showcase Shopping. We are experts for each format and advise you on the right combination of measures.

The next steps ...

Talk to us about your potential with Google Shopping. We will be happy to advise you on strategy, measures and implementation. Free of charge, of course. Andrea Maurer is looking forward to your call or e-mail.

Andrea Maurer
Your contact person
Andrea Maurer
PPC Marketing Managerin

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