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Value-added ad placement to boost your business success

We implement digital advertising in a sustainable, data-driven and user-centric way

Online advertising focuses on customer needs as part of a forward-looking, competitive digital marketing strategy. Only when pay-per-click ad campaigns are not purely transaction-based, but align users' desires with your business goals, is maximum value creation possible.

This philosophy is at the core of our holistic paid advertising services: We support you in target group-specific interaction with your customers and let you become visible as a relevant, competent and trustworthy solution provider. Our team is data and insight driven, passionate and multidisciplinary for your sustainable business success.

Get in touch with your contact person Christian Rainer. He will be happy to explain to you in a personal conversation why a profound paid media strategy for attracting potential customers is a worthwhile investment in the future!

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Paid Advertising Services of diva-e

Whether classic pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, commission-based user acquisition partnerships or CRO consulting: our channel competencies for your value-added ad placement cover all relevant areas.

What our partners say about our collaboration in the paid sector

diva-e is an important long-term and strategic agency partner for us. Due to the close cooperation and positioning as an all-round competent team of experts, diva-e benefits from exclusive information and additional services, which enable the agency to support its clients in the best possible way and to position them for long-term success.

Do you want to improve the ROI of digital marketing measures? Use our Account Audit and Advertising Maturity to significantly increase efficiency!

Do you want to create a competitive strategy? We support you with Digital Audiences, Creative Assets and Data Activation Workshops - significantly more sales are feasible!

Are you concerned about adapting new technologies and improving the customer experience? Leave setup, onboarding and training to our specialists and increase your internal process efficiency!

Are privacy and data protection issues your area of concern? We provide legal support for your performance measurement by means of tracking/consent checks and privacy-centric measurement!

Your goal is to build and strengthen emotional customer relationships? We are there for you with account management, ad placement and A/B/n testing, which can significantly increase your profit.

Are you pursuing the sustainable protection of your company's profit and the development of sustainable business models? Performance Marketing Consulting, Digital Empathy Scoring and Digital Advertising POCs help you to achieve Digital Marketing Leadership!

From business model to marketing strategy

Part 1: (Digital) Audiences

  • Visualization of the digital business model

  • Definition of customer segments and relationships based on personas

  • Definition of USPs and concrete value propositions within the business model

Part 2: Creative Workshop

  • Basic elements of performance-driven ad design.

  • Agreement on KPIs and development of a hypothesis plan

  • Developing the first-second strategy, enablement itself to evaluate and commission ads

Part 3: Data Activation

  • Target picture design 

  • Target values and derivation of KPIs as a logic model

Part 4: Conversion-Rate Optimierung

  • Joint development of optimization potentials and hypotheses 

  • A/B/n testing and personalization 

  • Development of a roadmap for continuous testing

Results & Deliverables

  • Positioning along the Customer Journey, using the See-Think-Do-Care framework. 

  • Prioritized list of hypotheses and synthesis of parameters into a roadmap and timeline 

  • Summarizing the results as a strategy concept

Successful companies interact with their customers

Yesterday's search engine advertising had only one goal: to persuade users to make a transaction or something similar. This one-sided, clumsy concept has had its day. Today, interaction for mutual benefit is the recipe for success. Arouse enthusiasm, create emotional bonds and pick up users with their specific needs: That is modern, future-proof paid advertising, to which we are committed. The basis for an effective increase in success is the cycle of user signals, valid data acquisition and continuous optimization of the user experience. This results in higher user relevance, which reduces click prices and increases the organic visibility of your company. Since we work closely with other departments within diva-e, such as SEO, Technical SEO and Content, you benefit from the knowledge gained from this process across all interfaces.

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Your contact person
Christian Rainer
Head of Paid Advertising

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