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Ideal product placement for maximum added value

Do users find your products on Amazon when they search for them? Is your brand the first address for users looking for products from your portfolio on Amazon? If so, we recommend that the next step is to increase the efficiency of your paid product placements with our proprietary tool E-PWR, the No. 1 Amazon PPC Tool. If not, and you want to achieve a company-relevant added value in your e-commerce, let us talk about how we can support you in achieving your goals!

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Christian Rainer
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Organic results benefit from ads

62% of consumers in Germany start their product search directly on Amazon. In order not to give away any valuable potential, online traders should therefore be present on Amazon. The challenge here, however, is to assert themselves against the large number of competitors.

With the help of Amazon PPC, your products can appear in key positions on the search results page after a short time, which can massively increase sales. In some cases, the first search results page even consists exclusively of paid product ads. To ensure the long-term visibility of your products, advertising on Amazon is essential. Unlike Google, organic and paid product ads also inspire each other, as the sales and ratings generated by ads have a positive effect on organic results.

Scalable measures for maximum visibility

Amazon offers the best basis to implement your growth in a scalable way by using efficient measures. Every product presentation lives from the product information and product details provided. As with any search engine, it is also true for search results at Amazon that a semantic match with the search query increases the assumed relevance of the product for users. At the same time, paid advertising on Amazon in turn provides important information about the target groups you reach. Especially from their search queries, their product information can ultimately also be optimised in terms of user relevance and thus organic visibility.

Optimise your product data before uploading them to the platform, specifically for the keywords and content that customers want to see.

diva-e as a reliable Amazon PPC Partner

We will be happy to support you in the optimal management of your Amazon Advertising:

  • User-centred creation and adaptation of your content

  • Optimisation of your product feeds

  • Selection of the right e-commerce solution and platform

  • Collection and supply of relevant information

  • Active interaction with users on Amazon using Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and, if you know your target groups and their behaviour on Amazon, Sponsored Display.

Sponsored Products

Target: Increase in turnover

Sponsored products serve as a first step to increase your sales. Amazon customers will see their products displayed on search results and product detail pages based on actively booked keywords. This advertising format, which is billed in the classic PPC model, is the previous core of paid marketing on Amazon and is very similar to advertising on classic search engines.

In order to achieve the best possible performance, several things must be considered when creating a campaign: A sensibly chosen structure is the basic prerequisite for optimisation and successful online marketing. For example, we recommend that a product group be depicted in parallel in a manual and an automated campaign. The auto campaign functions with rather low bids for keyword research, while the manual campaign is used performance oriented. In addition, factors such as ratings, buy box profit, bids, etc. must be considered.

Sponsored Brands

Target: Brand awareness

If your goal is to make your brand better known on Amazon in certain product categories or to stand out from the competition in search queries for your brand, you should rely on Sponsored Brands.

This enables you to give your customers the best possible access to your products, your brand and your company on Amazon.

Sponsored Display

Goal: Target group specific approach

If you already have a solid data basis on the individuals who buy your products on Amazon from your previous actions on Amazon, you should now activate this data and proactively approach your target groups via Sponsored Display. We would be happy to support you in analytically translating your data into a clearer picture of your target groups and their behaviour and preferences. On this basis, display ads can be placed on the platform in just a few clicks. The fact that we accompany you in addition to the clicks to be made, especially in the selection and correct addressing of the target groups in order to fulfil your business objectives, we see as the core of our own value contribution to your success.

Expert knowledge from one source

With the combined know-how of our experts and the use of our in-house tool E-PWR, the No. 1 Amazon PPC Tool, we can offer you professional and high-quality account management. We will work with you to find the right strategy for your individual goals such as visibility, performance, brand protection or product launch.

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