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Managing marketing campaigns in line with data protection requirements

We reconcile data quality and data protection

Consumers are placing more and more value on data protection, and legislators are regulating strictly - keyword DSGVO: In this area of tension, companies face immense challenges in collecting elementary customer data. Previous tracking technologies such as third-party cookies cannot keep up with developments, and new methods are needed. This is where we come in: With our holistic paid advertising and data analytics expertise, we support you in implementing first party data tracking and privacy centric measurement (PCM). This provides you with a data protection-compliant, future-proof basis for automated advertising solutions that ensure your business success.

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Why you should act now: Data protection changes everything

Consumers have become more suspicious of how companies use their data - and are acting accordingly. They're rejecting cookies and canceling services that don't meet their privacy expectations. Hand in hand with this are strict privacy guidelines from legislators and changes to platforms, such as browser restrictions on third-party cookies or limitations on mobile device detection by operating systems like iOS. For digital companies, all this can have serious consequences:

Users will leave or opt for alternative providers with more trustworthy privacy regulations.

Less data is measured, conversion declines and data gaps loom.

Bidding can be optimized less effectively without the data, and a lack of conversion data impairs bidding strategies.

Gaps in data hinder the development of effective marketing strategies.

Marketing measures are more difficult to compare and evaluate in terms of their performance.

The definition and targeting of target groups becomes less accurate.

In summary: The fundamental basis for marketing decisions to achieve corporate goals is missing. There is an acute risk of data-based wrong decisions for a user-centric marketing approach. You're losing sales and you don't even know why. Don't let it come to that and rely on online marketing solutions that put you in a good position today as well as tomorrow!

Collect and use first party data with Google

We support you in developing a privacy-centric strategy and implementing the appropriate tools. This will provide you with a compliant, aggregated database for automated advertising solutions that will enable you to secure your revenue cost-effectively in the future. We proceed as follows:

  • Implementing server-side or at least sitewide tagging so that conversions can be tracked more accurately with first party data.

  • Enabling Google Consent Mode: the cookie consent rate is shared with Google. This allows lost conversions to be modeled, conversion data to be improved, and smart bidding to be used more successfully.

  • Use of Google Enhanced Conversions: Based on hashed first-party customer data such as email addresses, more accurate conversion measurement is possible. The quality of the modeling and thus the recovery of conversions increases.

These measures interlock and create a solid data basis for better customer understanding. In the long term, the goal is to consolidate first-party customer data from all contact points in a Customer Data Platform (CDP) in order to use it for your marketing activities across channels.

These are your advantages

and those of the users

With a privacy centric measurement based on the described solutions, you become independent of third party cookies (third party data) and can also exploit user interactions without cookie consent through conversion modeling. By activating your own business data on customer interaction and using it in a targeted manner via conversion APIs on the advertising platforms, you make yourself independent of third-party technologies and protect the privacy of your customers. The bidding strategy algorithms used to target your campaigns continue to get a comprehensive and consistent picture of the value of individual touchpoints and user signals, and can make bidding decisions according to your business goals. As an extension stage, CDP software then consolidates and unifies your first-party data from all sources (website, social media, Google Ads, CRM, etc.) and you can create real-time customer profiles in a DSGVO-compliant manner. A personalized approach and optimized customer journey improves the user experience - a win-win for everyone!

You want to implement PCM?

Start now!

Leave the implementation of Privacy Centric Measurement to our team of experienced experts. What you can expect:

  1. First, we perform a Consent/Tracking Check. We analyze your content banners and perform conversion tracking tests.

  2. With a measurement gap analysis, we extrapolate the cost per action (CPA) without and with sustainable measurement solutions.

  3. We then create and evaluate an implementation concept.

  4. This is followed by the implementation with the tag implementation and the corresponding settings in the Google Tag Manager and Consent Management Tool.

  5. Since Universal Analytics will be switched off on July 1, 2023, we offer support for the changeover to Google Analytics 4.

  6. Finally, we evaluate the development of a holistic first-party strategy along the entire customer journey together with you.

Frequently asked questions about Privacy Centric Measurement

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