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Search Engine Advertising (SEA) picks up your target group with its concrete need and lets your company become a trustworthy, competent contact point. The starting point for sustainably successful SEA campaigns are always the questions and concerns of the users - only in this way can a (business) relationship develop from which both sides benefit.

Purely transactional search engine marketing does not meet these requirements: rely on SEA campaigns that fully exploit the potential and move your online business forward. We help you reach your target groups via ads without wastage and combine optimal user experiences with consistent value creation. Get valuable information about users and build lasting customer relationships to increase your business success in the long run.

Contact Vanessa Zimmermann now and let us explain our cross-channel, contemporary SEA approach in more detail. Our team works closely with our colleagues in Paid Social and Programmatic - for holistic, synergistic coverage of the entire customer journey and your greatest possible business success!

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Our SEA service portfolio

Implement effective SEA measures in a dynamic environment

Ad formats, channels and algorithms form a complex structure that is subject to increasingly rapid change. Adjusting the right parameters at the right time to achieve the greatest possible added value at an optimal cost-benefit ratio requires detailed expertise without losing sight of the big picture.

In this dynamic environment, there is a risk of losing sight of the big picture and achieving little while costs skyrocket. Let our SEA experts support you! We know the typical challenges companies face in search engine advertising - and offer you cost-transparent solutions to increase the efficiency of your SEA measures in the long term:

If you achieve fewer leads with the same budget due to CPC increase, we identify quick wins and improve your return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) in a timely manner. We use Performance Marketing Audit & Assessment to identify potential for effective realignment of your SEA campaign and further develop your account in the long term.

If your visibility on the search engine result pages (SERPs) does not meet your expectations, we work closely with you to develop a campaign plan that will enable you to reach your target group effectively online in the future.

If your customers increasingly migrate to your competitors, we improve the targeting. We analyze the user data that you have acquired through click price-based result playout by search engines in order to tailor the ads precisely to their specific needs. Through your ads and their positioning in the SERP, you address exactly the users you want to reach and strengthen customer loyalty.

If your in-house team lacks the resources, capacity, or expertise to optimally run your SEA campaign as part of your online marketing, we can provide you with precise support in the areas where you need it. From training and workshops to consulting and onboarding of additional tools to temporary replacements and the takeover of entire SEA projects.

Are you facing these or other challenges?

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This is how we increase your value creation in SEA

We take a step-by-step approach to ad creation and targeting, with the goal of covering the entire customer journey. By identifying user needs in alignment with your business model and interaction strategy, we improve the relevance of ads and landing pages, while continuously adjusting targets and resources. Once the customer approach has been sustainably optimized, we secure the increased added value in the long term via reach scaling.

1. Identification

  • Identification of the different user types, their behavior, their intentions and needs as well as their preferred form of targeting.

  • Creation of a high-quality database for hypothesis-based expansion and optimization (technology, content, advertising).

2. Relevance

  • Hypothesis-based testing to improve relevance of ads and websites against user needs.

  • Expansion of cost-effective interactions in further phases of the customer journey.

  • Adapting attribution models and target KPIs to provide a holistic view of customer interactions - online.

3. Scaling

  • Significantly increase value-added transactions by extending a sustainably optimized and integrated user experience across all digital touchpoints.

  • Scaling reach by proactively orchestrating the entire product portfolio, services and offers.

In all steps, we use the synergy effects of an overarching search and marketing strategy, which results from the close integration of our PPC team. Your contacts act in constant coordination, so that you benefit from the entire expertise in all measures.

Proven SEA quality and exclusive benefits

By the way, you have a guarantee on these: we are a certified member of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e. V. (BVDW) and a Google Ads Premier Partner. Since 2022, we are again among the top 3% of certified partner agencies. By meeting these quality factors in search engine advertising, diva-e is able to offer you a number of exclusive benefits:

  • We have exclusive access to beta versions in SEA, SEO and tools.

  • We therefore have access to the latest features in search engine marketing.

  • You benefit from extended technical support for questions related to tracking, automation and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

We use these media platforms and search engines to open the SEA channel for you

Our SEA team is active for you on the following platforms:

  • Google Ads

  • Microsoft Ads (Bing)

  • Amazon Ads

  • Yandex Ads

  • Baidu Ads

  • Sogou Ads

  • Naver Ads

  • Daum Ads

We cover the entire spectrum of ad placement.

Search ads

Shopping ads

Local ads

App campaigns

GDN ads

Why SEA and not just SEO?

Traffic can be generated via a good ranking in the organic search results, but many questions remain unanswered. In particular, relevant user information and the context of the search queries cannot be elicited. This is where SEA comes in: Via targeted campaigns, you collect data about your target group - in a timely manner and at calculable costs. Thanks to well-founded tools such as the Digital Empathy Framework, it is now possible to better and better map the motives and needs of users in digital ads - and to tailor them to the user in a situational and empathetic way through data-based, content-optimized targeting. Better click-through and conversion rates and lower bounce rates are the result of this effective user activation. By the way, you can find explanations of the most important terms related to SEA, such as CTR and conversion rate, in our glossary.

Take advantage of the wide-ranging expertise of our SEA experts: We support you in selecting the platforms relevant to your business, in analyzing potential, in designing and implementing campaigns, in monitoring and in optimizing ongoing SEA measures. For an integrative search approach, we work together with diva-e's SEO team.

Frequently asked questions about SEA

What terms does the target group search for? Which keywords are relevant?

How will the target group be reached?

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Vanessa Zimmermann
Senior Performance Marketing Manager

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