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For many users, search engines are the gateway to the internet and thus often the first touchpoint with your company

You should therefore be at the top in both organic and paid search so that you can reach your potential customers. We advise you in all technical and marketing-related issues in the area of search engine optimisation, so you can improve your (Google) ranking.

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SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is the common term used to describe all website actions that have these goals:

Google and other search engines should:

  • understand what the website is about,

  • for which terms it should be ranked

  • and have no technical issues reading the website.

In SEO consulting we consider the following points:

  • crawling of existing websites

  • checking the status codes of URLs

  • website structure (technical)

  • compliance with general SEO principles (including URLs, linking)

  • page structure / information architecture

  • loading time

  • checking for duplicate content

  • content deployment und preparation

  • responsiveness

From the status quo, we derive the appropriate measures to optimise your website and its findability in the search and to provide the best possible user experience.


SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and describes the action of displaying ads in search engines. The most well-known and far-reaching provider in Germany is Google with AdWords. Here, ads can be displayed in Google Universal Search, Google Display Network (third pages) and on YouTube. With Bing Ads, the competitor Microsoft offers a similar platform but with less reach.

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