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Work with diva-e to develop a successful long-term SEO strategy for aligning your international website content. From domain concept to country-specific monitoring, diva-e is your agency partner for international SEO!

For all companies that want to sell or present their products or services outside their own country, e.g. Germany, international SEO is of high importance. Our diva-e experts for international SEO support the creation of a concept that ensures findability in search engines in other countries. We begin by analyzing the current state of the website, which forms the basis for all further SEO measures. This is followed by a comprehensive concept, joint implementation and country-specific SEO monitoring.

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The initial effort for the creation of country-specific content is usually underestimated. A pure 1:1 translation of the original content is obvious, but is usually not sufficient for successful SEO outside of one's own market. It is much more important to know the search terms used in the respective country and to use them in localized texts. For each market, keyword research should be conducted accordingly for the corresponding country in the corresponding language. The following example for German-speaking Switzerland shows what a significant difference this can make. The content on used cars would have to be focused on the term "Occasions" in Switzerland.

Our mission as an agency is therefore: Content must not only be translated, but above all localized so that it is perfectly adapted to the search behavior and language use in the respective country.

Crucial for international SEO success: The domain concept

In international search engine optimization, we also talk to you as a customer about the domain concept in particular. What is meant by this is the decision on how the local content is to be anchored in the website.

A basic distinction is made here between three possibilities:

The most important attribute in international SEO: hreflang

The hreflang attribute can be used to determine exactly for which country and language the URL linked in it is intended. This information is indispensable, especially for international search engine optimization. It is particularly relevant for languages that are spoken in several countries, such as German in Switzerland and Austria. Here, for example, it must be clearly declared: This German-language content is to be played out to Austrian users. When using the hreflang attribute, there are a few things to consider: Should the attributes be output in the sitemap or in the source code, for example? Can missing backlinks be excluded? For us, as your agency partner, a clear hreflang structure is an indispensable part of successful international SEO. We are happy to support you here as well.

Country-specific SEO monitoring & reporting

At diva-e, implementing a strategy is never the end of the story. To achieve long-term SEO success, country-specific monitoring and reporting of the previously defined SEO key figures is always part of the process. Especially in international SEO, there are challenges in monitoring, e.g. due to the use of other search engines (Yandex, Baidu) in other countries. Here, too, diva-e stands for comprehensive service and optimal SEO monitoring.

The next steps ...

Talk to us about your individual challenges and plans for the internationalization of your website. We discuss with you all possibilities, ideas and also the implementation, for your international SEO success. We will be happy to advise you initially on strategies, measures and implementation. The consultation is of course free of charge. Ralph Binkert and Markus Walter are looking forward to your call or e-mail.

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