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Metadata, status code, core web vitals and much more at one click

Everything at one click

The diva-e SEO plug-in shows all important onpage data immediately at one click, without having to take detours via Google DevTools or the source code. As soon as you call up a page that is on "noindex", the plug-in lights up red in the browser bar.

Due to the minimalistic design, it is a quick and clear help in everyday SEO. When they move the cursor over the corresponding fields, brief explanations of the data are displayed. Important results are highlighted in color.

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Raymond Eiber
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The diva-e SEO plugin does not collect, store or share any data with third parties. Rest assured that this tool does not perform any tracking! Your data belongs to you!

The displayed data can be copied with one click and pasted anywhere (eg in a PowerPoint presentation or an Excel table). Your existing font is automatically adopted, without incorrect formatting or inappropriate colors.

The plug-in can be easily downloaded from the official Chrome Web Store. It is available in German, English, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish and Czech language. On request we prioritize the translation for certain languages.

Read metadata

Classically, the plug-in displays title and meta description. Check if the data has been stored correctly or if there are algorithmic changes by Google. The character length is calculated automatically to avoid truncated meta data in the SERPs.

HTTP status code

200, 404 or 503 - the status code of a website can be seen at first glance.

Compare important data from HTML and HTTP headers

The plug-in shows you the meta robots tags used, e.g. "noindex,nofollow."

Likewise, the X-Robots tags can be viewed. Which canonical has been set, whether self-referential or referring, you can also quickly see.

An important feature is to be able to compare this data from HTML and HTTP headers.

Compression, server and protocol

The plug-in displays the web server used and the transmission protocol. By displaying the compression program, the page is tested for gzip compression, for example.

Core Web Vitals API and Sistrix API

The plug-in offers the possibility to display Core Web Vitals and Sistrix data. For a quick check of visibility and Web Vitals, the two APIs can be easily integrated into the tool.

Note: For the Sistrix API at least a Sistrix Plus package is required.

Get AI-generated metadata suggestions

It is possible to integrate the ChatGPT API into the plug-in to get different title and meta description suggestions. To do this, generate your personal API key in the Open AI profile and include it in the plug-in via the settings.

Pro tip: Click the ChatGPT button several times to get new results every time.

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For the Core Web Vitals API key just click on the gear icon in the down left corner of the plug-in. (1) Click the heading "Core Web Vitals - API" or go directly to and request the key under "Get a Key". (2,3) Now you just need to paste the code in the appropriate field. (2)




Your feedback is important to us

We always want to develop the plug-in further and already have a list of ideas. If you have any wishes and suggestions yourself, feel free to let us know! For this, you can simply use the Google Chrome Web Store.

✓ Page Title

✓ Meta Description

✓ Status Code

✓ Meta Robots Tag & X Robots Tag

✓ Canonicals & Canonical Head

✓ Compression, Server & Protocol

✓ Core Web Vitals & Sistrix API

The plug-in can be used free of charge. No user data is collected.

Learn more about the plug-in in the video below!

To be continued ...

Test the diva-e SEO Plug-In and contact us at any time!

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can use the feedback function in the Chrome Web Store, but also feel free to contact us personally at any time. Raymond Eiber is looking forward to your call or e-mail.

Your contact person
Raymond Eiber
Senior SEO Consultant

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