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Are you thinking about relaunching your website or planning a domain migration? To ensure that this is a complete success, especially from an SEO perspective, diva-e develops a concept for the long-term SEO success of your website.

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Careful planning of the website relaunch

Before starting the implementation of the website relaunch or domain migration, it is absolutely necessary to work out a precise plan for the implementation. This should include goals and KPIs that will be used to measure the success of the move after implementation.

If important SEO considerations are not taken into account, every relaunch carries the risk of a high loss of traffic. SEO requirements such as building the website structure and especially the URLs should therefore be taken into account at every step of the planning process. In addition, when restructuring content, care must be taken to retain high-traffic content or URLs. If important pages are simply deactivated, this can lead to a high loss of traffic after the relaunch implementation.

The planning should also include the setting up of a test environment (which must not be accessible for search engines). This way, migration and possible bugs can be found and fixed before the go-live. The timing of the go-live should also be determined. A time when few users are on the site is particularly suitable here.

diva-e specializes in the conception of website relaunches and domain migrations. Our experts know the risks and dangers that arise from an SEO perspective and reduce them to a minimum through targeted planning and consulting during the relaunch concept.

Checklist for website relaunch: What do you have to consider during a website relaunch from an SEO point of view? Here is an excerpt of the most important measures:

1. Status quo analysis of SEO performance

2. URL - Structure

3. SEO Technical Requirements

4. Redirect Mapping

5. Internal Linking

6. SEO Content Requirements

7. Crawling and Indexing

8. Tracking Implementation

9. Go-Live

Monitoring & reporting of the website relaunch

Once the migration has taken place, the relaunch must be monitored from an SEO perspective. In particular, the development of the rankings, the development of the clicks and the visibility in the search are observed. During a relaunch, there is usually a fluctuation here at first, as search engines such as Google first have to process the website's redirection and then re-evaluate it.

Our diva-e relaunch experts continuously monitor all important SEO KPIs and compare them with the website's previous data. They also work with you to create an SEO report, which can be used to jointly review and discuss the development after the relaunch.

Everything at a glance - The relaunch guide for free download

From preparation to go-live to monitoring: Download our free relaunch guide and review your procedure during the domain transfer.

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The next steps ...

Are you currently planning a website relaunch and / or a domain migration? Feel free to talk to us about your individual challenges.

We will be happy to discuss the possibilities of an optimal concept and a successful SEO strategy with you - and free of charge - so that your relaunch will be a complete SEO success!

Our diva-e specialists in SEO, Ann-Kathrin Reitmeyer and Oliver Kuttruff, look forward to your call or e-mail.

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