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Frontend Development

User-friendly interface for your website

We focus on a mixture of intuitive and trained user behaviour. Though innovative, new designs, we want to expand these long-term and establish new standards. Direct interactions, animations and meaningful transfers help the user to navigate through the website in a targeted manner.

Jannik Egger
Your contact person
Jannik Egger
Co-Managing Director, Expert Frontend Developer

Our service: Always up to date

The front-end department always works with the departments closely involved in development at both our clients and within diva-e. We rely on tried and tested, successful methods, constantly expand our knowledge and sometimes reinvent ourselves in order to always offer our clients new technologies. We don’t just follow trends, but often trust our intuition and expertise accumulated over decades.

Our tools: Programming languages and automation tools

The tools of our trade include Reactor, Vue, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Webpack and many more and are always backed up with new developments. Automation tools in code development are another important aspect for us. Such tools are created in advance for each project and each customer to automate manual activities within the development process, thereby saving time on the one hand and increasing the quality of results on the other. In particular, processing and integration of code on each CMS / e-commerce / target system is optimised. The specific features and requirements of our customers’ security standards are taken into account. Unit and UI tests complete our bespoke, automated test procedures.

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