Optimal customer contact on all channels

Adobe Experience Cloud

Market-leading technologies in an innovative platform

Full service from a strong partner

No matter on which channel, online or offline: When customers interact with your company, they expect more than ever a consistent, appropriate and individual approach. It pays for you to offer your customers a compelling experience across channels - from websites and mails to mobile apps to social media and offline contacts such as trade fairs, events or sales floors.

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Janine Poser
Head of Sales New Business

Meeting customer expectations in B2C and B2B: suitable next actions

If you manage to offer your customers the right next action and the right offer at the right time, you will not only increase transactions, but also inspire users with an individual customer experience. For example, the leading consultancy Forrester shows that investment in compelling customer experiences is rewarded with greater brand awareness, increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Customers also expect the same standards in B2B that they demand privately in B2C. Whether B2B or B2C, to meet growing customer expectations, you need to provide them with compelling experiences from the first point of contact with your company to the last.

This is based on insights about what your customers want and how they behave. Combine these real-time insights into your customers' behavior with smart solutions and you can instantly deliver customized experiences.

Adobe and diva-e: Trust the experts

diva-e has 17 years of experience in projects with Adobe solutions. With over 100 Adobe Experience Cloud experts, diva-e is one of the leading partners that design, implement and operate digital projects based on Adobe solutions with a full-service approach. As part of its many years of expertise with the Adobe Experience Cloud and its predecessor products, diva-e supports a wide range of national and international customers from numerous different industries - from leading automotive companies to finance and FSI giants to manufacturing market leaders. Learn more about our partnership with Adobe here.

Adobe Experience Cloud: Market-leading technology for excellent customer experiences

As an official Adobe Gold Partner, we at diva-e rely on the Adobe Experience Cloud. It integrates market-leading marketing, analytics, advertising and commerce solutions on a cloud platform, along with services, support and an open ecosystem. This means nothing stands in the way of excellent customer experiences. The Adobe Experience Cloud realizes a coherent overall concept with all the necessary elements to map a contemporary, digital marketing landscape.

The cloud platform helps you manage all your data and content centrally. You can use products from the Experience Cloud in a modular way. We advise and help you select the right extensions for you to build a holistic, future-proof and flexible solution spectrum for your company.

Our approach: diva-e full service across all Adobe solutions

diva-e sees itself as a full-service provider that can advise you on all solutions within the Adobe Experience Cloud and implement projects competently and reliably. This applies to Adobe solutions and products in detail, but above all to cross-solution activities.

diva-e Adobe Services: From vision to production

  • Consulting: Strategy, AEC Product Consulting, Analytics & Targeting and Marketing Automation, IT Architecture, Requirements Engineering

  • Design: Customer Journeys, User Centered Design, Living Styleguide,Prototyping

  • Development: AEC/AEM, Java Custom Solution, Web Frontend, Analytics & Target Integration, test automation, DevOps

  • Maintenance: Content maintenance, AEC Plattform Management, Application Management, Cloud-Management (Azure, AWS), Load- & Performance-Tests, Penetration-Tests

Sustainable success with a comprehensive strategy

We are seeing an ever-increasing demand among our customers for a coherent use of marketing tools and an overarching, holistic consulting and implementation approach. And ultimately, from our point of view, both are necessary in order to be truly successful in the long term.

That's why, on the one hand, it's about the sensible orchestration of tools and platforms such as web content management, asset management, analytics, personalization and e-commerce. On the other hand, however, it is also about dovetailing the various value-added processes in the project, i.e. in particular the lifecycle of marketing and strategy consulting, UX/design, implementation, and application operation and maintenance.

End-to-end service

As a holistic Transactional Experience Partner (TXP), we at diva-e can provide you with these services fully and end-to-end. We have established best practices and interfaces at the handover points between the value chains to ensure that the processes mesh smoothly and the best possible overall result is achieved. Our close partnership with Adobe and the continuous expansion of our partner status ensure you direct access to the best technologies on the market.

Our service packages for you

Adobe Digital Foundation

Become a high-end digital platform in 90 days

We offer you an integrated project with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics. Our experts will develop a best-practice architecture and codebase for you, as well as a customer journey live demo with AEC layer (similar to XRay Tool). All integrations are "out of the box". You benefit from a single platform for content management, analytics and personalization, precisely calculable and predictable costs, a short "time-to-market" of less than 90 days, and low-cost AEM version upgrades. Interested? Feel free to contact us.

Adobe Commerce Quick Start

Professional online store in 30 days

Take your e-commerce to the next level with Adobe Commerce Cloud. We'll help you build a professional online store within a short time-to-market of just 30 days. Interested? Feel free to contact us.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We conduct your digital orchestra

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) comprises all measures on a digital product (e.g. website, app) that lead to an increase in the conversion rate. diva-e has been working with E.ON in the area of conversion rate optimization for more than four years and uses Adobe Target for this purpose. Since the start of the collaboration, more than 100 personalization and A/B testing campaigns have been successfully implemented. Learn more about our conversion rate optimization services here.

Adobe Experience Manager

World-class web content management and asset management

The center of your digital marketing

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the central element in Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) and is considered one of the most powerful and flexible content management systems (CMS) on the market. With customized and efficient digital solutions, it makes it easier for you to manage content, assets, and forms. In particular, Adobe Experience Manager enhances omni-channel experiences for your customers, ensuring sustained brand loyalty and demand across channels. The integrated workflow management also optimizes in-house collaboration, and increases the efficiency and success of your products.

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Janine Poser
Head of Sales New Business

The leading web content management system on the market - for years.

Adobe Experience Manager has been the industry standard in web content management for many years, according to analyses by leading business consulting firms Gartner and Forrester. Both the feature breadth and depth, as well as the forward-looking vision and holistic perspective, are considered leaders over the competition.

diva-e excellence for AEM software development

At diva-e, we have been gaining valuable experience with Adobe Experience Mangager (AEM) for over 15 years. We implement large-scale Adobe full-service projects and offer excellence in AEM software development: We create efficient digital solutions to help you manage content and assets. diva-e uses Adobe Experience Manager in many customer projects to optimize digital marketing.

The 3 pillars of diva-e AEM expertise

Our diva-e AEM expertise is based on three pillars:

  • diva-e has deep knowledge in the development of AEM enabling technologies.

  • diva-e has excellent expertise in AEM product development.

  • diva-e has many years of experience with AEM software development projects.

Sites with Adobe AEM and diva-e

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+15 years project experience with AEM

  • Projects of all sizes and scopes

  • Integration and implementation of complex configurators and other complex business applications

  • For numerous well-known companies such as Bentley, Daimler, DVAG, FRAPORT, MTU, Telekom

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Product development

  • Implementation of numerous product features on behalf of Adobe

  • AEM Stock Integration, AEM Performance & Stabilization, AEM Assets/MSM

  • Excellent networking with Adobe

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Basic technologies

  • Apache SF Member, Apache Sling PMC, Apache Felix Committer

  • wcm.io - The open source toolbox for AEM initiated by pro!vision

  • adaptTo() - Owner and host of the only AEM Developer Conference since 2011

Assets with Adobe AEM and diva-e

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10+ years experience in AEM Assets projects

  • Asset management for all digital channels

  • Media portals

  • Implementation of AEM Assets as an enterprise-wide asset management solution

  • Integration of complex business applications

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AEM Assets product development

  • Implementation of numerous product features on behalf of Adobe

  • AEM Stock Integration, AEM Performance & Stabilization, AEM Assets/MSM

  • Excellent networking with Adobe

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diva-e highlights

  • For large projects with Adobe

  • Building an AEM cluster with several 100 terra bytes of Adobe Indesign files

  • Extending the integration of AEM and Adobe Indesign

  • Significant performance improvements of AEM & assets

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  • Adobe

  • Esprit

  • DVAG

diva-e Software Craftsmanship

Software development is not assembly line work, but requires creativity, precision and also a certain "ethos". Therefore we work according to the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship. It is important for us to deliver very good results, not only because the customer demands it, but also because we see ourselves as specialists and want to stand out from other specialists with our work.

Our approach has structure

Delivering high-quality software means proceeding in a structured manner. We have many years of experience in the use of recognized project management methodologies such as SCRUM and PMI, which we live and constantly develop together with our customers.

The focus is not on the process itself, but on complete control and transparency of the project process and the processed artifacts for us and our customers. This allows us to replace coincidence and surprises with clear agreements and predictable deliveries.

We are Adobe Experience Manager specialists

We have experience in software development with Adobe AEM since 2003 and have been Adobe partners for many years. These years of involvement with the AEM technology stack and close cooperation with the manufacturer enable us to implement even complex customer requirements without risk to our clients. We have AEM specialized status, and over 70 of our employees are certified. Among them nine consultants and numerous developers.

We understand technology

Adobe Experience Manager is built on current technology that we are passionate about. But we don't just use that technology, we understand it and use it to its fullest potential. And we know the difference between production-ready and experimental technology. We have deep expertise in all areas of web development, be it frontend (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), web frameworks (Apache Sling, Apache Wicket), middleware (OSGi, Spring, REST, and SOAP), or Java Content Repositories (JCR) and databases.

We are software architects

The heart of any software is its architecture - and this stands and falls with its quality. Software architecture is our core competence. Thus technological risks remain controllable, the software remains maintainable and can be flexibly developed further. We stand for sustainability in software development.

We integrate

Our customers have complex system landscapes into which our software must be seamlessly integrated. This involves not only bringing together the most diverse technologies, but also cooperating with different teams without losing sight of the big picture. Thanks to our many years of involvement in major international projects, we are ideally equipped for this.

We have your users firmly in mind

We develop our products for people. Not surprisingly, then, our UX/UI team has one thing in mind above all else: users (website visitors and online editors). We are happy to advise and support you on the topics of user experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI). Always keeping the user firmly in mind (user centered design), we develop coherent information architectures, create well thought-out design systems and turn digital into an experience. With a trained eye. With a clear mind. With a steady hand. And with a lot of heart.

We rely on open source

Open source technology and open standards are at the core of all our solutions. Adobe takes the same approach with AEM, anchoring its technology strategy firmly in open source: Apache Sling, Apache Felix, and Apache Jackrabbit. We don't just use these frameworks, we actively participate in the community and their evolution. Together with Adobe, we host the annual adaptTo() developer conference in Berlin. And we contribute. A good example is wcm.io.

Adobe Analytics: Actional Insights

Understand and reach your users with digital analytics

For businesses, digital products are the ideal solution to engage directly with their customers. A variety of channels are available for this purpose, such as websites, native apps, or integrated products (such as chat bots, voice assistants, etc.), which are often embedded in a complex, interlocking infrastructure. Whether the product is used to provide information, as an online store, for customer service, or as a service in its own right; knowing how to use it is critical to success.

Your contact person
Janine Poser
Head of Sales New Business

Digital analytics can be used to generate insights to understand usage holistically and beyond the boundaries of the product. Classically, individual aspects of website users are considered:

  • Acquisition & Campaigns: Where do users come from?

  • Audience Attributes: Who are the users?

  • Behavior: What are the users doing?

  • Conversions & KPIs: Are users achieving the business goals of the product?

Personalization for your target groups

However, it only gets really exciting when these individual parts are linked to examine how they pay off in terms of the company's internal KPIs. On this basis, recommendations for action can be derived or important target groups identified. Ideally, the latter are grouped into segments and targeted via personalization measures.

In this way, you can find valuable answers to the following important questions, for example:

  • Did the new expensive SEA campaign actually lead to an increase in conversion? Did users bounce right away? Or even worse, was organic traffic cannibalized as a result?

  • Is the order process optimized for smartphone users, or do they bounce particularly frequently at one point?

  • Does the use of the navigation bar actually increase after the re-design?

  • Which user segment frequently bounces in the ordering process and should be targeted with a personalization measure?

To generate these insights, we at diva-e deliberately rely on Adobe Analytics, which is part of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

State-of-the-art digital analytics solution: Adobe Analytics

Our many years of experience with a wide variety of customers and configurations have convinced us that Adobe Analytics is the state-of-the-art digital analytics solution on the market that can meet any requirement. Do you run a large online store, have a complex configurator integrated in your single page application, or want to enrich your collected data with offline context?

No problem, Adobe Analytics offers complete freedom in the configuration of tracking and further processing of the data. Also noteworthy are the analysis capabilities of Analysis Workspaces, unique in the market, which allows analysts to create complex calculations and visualizations in seconds, as well as apply artificial intelligence services with Adobe Sensei with just a few clicks.

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Full control and freedom in implementation

Variables can be freely defined and their behavior fully customized to individual needs. Even for unusual configurations or questions, Adobe Analytics offers the right solution with a variety of different dimensions, metrics, processes, attribution models, AI features, etc.

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Analysis Workspaces

Lightning-fast analyses that are unparalleled with the flexible use of calculated metrics, segments, graphics and artificial intelligence services. For example, conversion, KPI or funnel analyses can be linked with other data, such as media campaigns, and analyzed and displayed in depth using integrated attribution models.

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Full real-time integration in Adobe Experience Cloud

For example, Adobe Analytics segments (filters) can be shared with other Adobe Experience Cloud products, or the performance of activities in other Adobe Experience Cloud products can be analyzed in Adobe Analytics.

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Data Management

Adobe Analytics enables customized data management, whether via segmentation, context enrichment, manipulation, export, linking, etc.

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Tag Management with Adobe Launch

Adobe Analytics can be used with Adobe Launch, the market-leading, universally deployable tag management tool that is constantly evolving via extensions.

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Why Analytics

  • Data basis for personalization, campaigns, marketing

  • Measure KPIs and campaign success

  • Data segmentation for optimized user targeting

  • Real-time integration with all Adobe products

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Our services

  • Conversion measurement (funnel, click-through, ads)

  • Campaign tracking

  • Data visualization (KPI dashboards)

  • Attribution models

  • Tracking framework concept and implementation

  • Data management and processes

  • Analytics integration for BI, CRM and offline POS

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diva-e highlights

For the client DVAG:

  • Definition and ongoing measurement of conversions

  • Ongoing optimization

  • Management-ready real-time evaluations

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  • DVAG


  • MTU

diva-e Services for Adobe Analytics

diva-e offers a full-service approach and sees itself as a partner to its customers - this means that the best possible and most efficient solution can be developed for you individually. For Digital Analytics we offer the following services, always in close coordination with the customer:

  • Consulting: Joint development of business requirements and possible solutions. Based on this, the milestones of the project are mapped out.

  • Tracking framework: Based on the business requirements, a holistic concept is created that both defines the project and derives concrete KPIs.

  • Implementation: Documentation, implementation on the Adobe side, creation of implementation guidelines as well as intensive implementation support on the product side.

  • Data management: Whether additional data sources (e.g. BI, CRM, offline POS, etc.), data transfer (e.g. via data warehouse, API interface, etc.), subsequent data cleansing, cross-device tracking, etc. - we master data management in Adobe Analytics.

  • Analytics: diva-e doesn't just report KPIs. The heart of every digital analytics project is insight generation. We understand how to link data and leverage all the capabilities of Adobe Analytics, such as built-in AI, to achieve the client's business requirements.

  • KPI dashboards: Want the data to be accessible to everyone in the company? We create custom dashboards, for example, in Adobe, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau, etc.

  • Enablement: As a partner, we offer each customer training on digital analytics to make the data and insights sustainably usable in the company.

  • Flexibility: Projects and business requirements are constantly changing and expanding. diva-e is the ideal partner to meet these changes and be prepared for the future.

  • Adobe Experience Cloud integration: Digital analytics is the first step in online marketing for many companies. As a full-service provider, we like to think outside the box and show the potential that holistic online marketing offers.

Personalized customer experiences with Adobe Target

Reach and retain customers digitally

The targeted digital customer approach is one of the most important communication measures of successful companies today. In addition, the constantly changing market demands continuous development of the products with which the end customer comes into contact.

So that you don't just run behind these developments, but can actively shape the latest technologies and communication approaches, our digital experts at diva-e recommend using Adobe Target, the state-of-the-art onsite targeting and personalization tool in the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Your contact person
Janine Poser
Head of Sales New Business

diva-e relies on market leader Adobe Target

diva-e deliberately relies on Adobe Target's platform-agnostic framework to personalize and optimize websites, apps, and integrated products (such as chat bots, voice assistants, etc.) through targeted A/B/n testing. Adobe Target also secured Market Leader positions in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and The Forrester Wave.

How Adobe Target works

Adobe Target works like a classic experiment: one or more different user segments are randomly shown different content during their customer journey (e.g., visiting your website, using your app). The behavior of these user segments towards one or more successes (e.g. purchase conclusion) is recorded and compared. The goal is to identify significantly different behavior of the user segments towards the offered content. With this knowledge gain, the measures can be continued or the product can be adapted. The special characteristics of digital products also enable an (almost) perfect experiment:

  • Random distribution (randomization) of user segments across content allows full control of unknown factors (external biases).

  • Full control of internal factors, which ensures that a user only gets one variant played over time

  • A high number of users - 24/7 - provides significant results in the shortest possible time.

Best UX and performance results

In addition to personalization efforts, Adobe Target is used to test UX and website functionality. The aim is to clarify which alternative achieves better performance (on a success). A/B/n tests with Adobe Target are thus an important basis for website optimizations and provide robust data for planning and marketing decisions.

Of particular note are the market-leading Artificial Intelligence Services (Adobe Sensei) integrated with Adobe Target. Intelligent allocation (Auto-Allocate) of personalization measures, a strong recommendation engine (Recommendations), multivariate tests and automatic segment generation (Autotarget & Automated Personalization) make Adobe Target unique on the market. In addition, Adobe Experience Cloud enables smooth integration of Adobe Target with other Adobe products, such as Adobe Audience Manager (DMP) or Adobe Analytics (A4T) for deeper analysis.

Insights for your decisions

diva-e uses Adobe Target's platform-agnostic framework to improve your websites. Using optimization and personalization applications, A/B/n tests and customized content are created and played out. Adobe Target is an insight source for real user behavior at scale: As a 24/7 decision engine as well as an API provider and AI engine, Adobe Target can deliver automated audience-level personalization recommendations. The tests are a valuable support when you have questions about large-volume decisions about new features, for example, or when it comes to the strategic or sales direction of your website.

As berets explained above, each user segment is shown different content. Then, for each group, the achievement of defined goals is monitored. Possible test scenarios include UX and website functionality, as well as sales and marketing questions to determine which product performs better. A/B testing with Adobe Target is thus an important basis for website optimizations and provides relevant data for planning and marketing decisions or personalizations.

Many years of experience in testing and personalization

To achieve the best possible results for customers such as E.ON, diva-e works exclusively with market-leading technology partners such as Adobe. With over 100 experts in the Adobe Experience Cloud, diva-e is one of Adobe's leading partners. With Adobe Target, diva-e has developed over 140 experiments at E.ON and is proud of the long-standing and successful collaboration.

Key facts about our partnership with Adobe Target using the example of E.ON


Personalised services are offered to the customer per session


Years of successful cooperation with E.ON and Adobe Target


Experiments carried out


Increased click rate when using personalised teasers

2nd place

at the adobe summit with the e.on next best actions

The diva-e services for Adobe Target at a glance

Proven diva-e approach

The first step for our diva-e experts is to define project goals, understand your individual business objectives and clarify roles and responsibilities within the project. This includes KPI workshops, stakeholder interviews, an as-is analysis of the existing system as well as competitive and best practice analyses.

The next step focuses on getting to know your users, their requirements and behaviors. The analysis is carried out by means of online surveys, personas, in-depth interviews, usability tests, focus groups, A/B tests, mouse tracking and web analyses of pages and segments with high conversion or abandonment rates. Based on the insights we gain from these analyses, we derive test ideas and formulate concrete hypotheses.

Excellent customer experiences with diva-e and Adobe Target

The ideas derived from the knowledge gained are further developed in workshops. diva-e formulates hypotheses, creates scripts, prioritizes ideas and develops necessary backlog items and a roadmap. diva-e then develops the design with the help of wireframes and mock-ups. At the same time, concepts for audiences (segments), pages and variants are specified in order to set up the campaigns and tests with Adobe Target. At the end, the concepts are iteratively tested as A/B tests or personalization campaigns with subsequent monitoring, evaluation, and documentation. Finally, the findings are used to derive measures for further developing the ideas and project goals.

Optimization of target experiments with diva-e's own development ttxp Target Extension

We optimized code-based development of target experiments with the ttxp Target Extension, which was specially programmed by diva-e. The ttxp is a JavaScript library with robust, reusable code that enables accelerated playout of experiments. The concept is multi-tenant and allows automated connection to third-party systems (e.g. Google Analytics).

Our top references using Adobe Target

Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) : Unique shopping experiences

Take off in e-commerce

Current challenges in commerce include high customer demands, fragmented buying behavior, rapid technology change, and global competition. Adobe Commerce gives you the power to deal with these challenges and provides:

  • Flexibility in terms of customization

  • Easy integration with existing systems

  • Rapid adaptability

  • Adobe Commerce adapts to the challenges you face

  • Scalable and secure platform for all usage scenarios (B2B, B2C, B2B2C)

Your contact person
Janine Poser
Head of Sales New Business

Vier Partner, ein Pitch: diva-e in der Arena4Commerce

diva-e und drei weitere Adobe-Partner pitchten in der Arena4Commerce im Februar 2021 um den Aufbau eines B2B-Webshops auf Basis von Adobe Commerce/Magento.

Jetzt On-Demand anschauen

Rely on excellent e-commerce expertise

As a long-standing Adobe Magento partner, diva-e employs numerous Magento-certified developers. We offer you everything from a single source - consulting, concept, SEO, design, development and integration - as well as years of experience in implementing complex e-commerce projects. Our permanently employed system integrators ensure a future-proof, scalable integration of Magento into your system landscape. We set the highest standards for user-friendliness, CI conformity, content quality and the performance of your e-commerce channel.

Flexible, agile, and scalable

Adobe Commerce offers a flexible solution that enables you to respond to new business models and innovations and continuously improve the shopping experience. The solution imposes no constraints, enables growth, increases business efficiency, and lowers overall costs. It allows you to expand with a single platform, achieve B2B and B2C integration, and create multi-channel touchpoints.

Leverage customer data for new commerce strategies

Adobe Commerce delivers dashboards and AI-powered reporting tools to optimally collect, understand, and successfully leverage customer data. This gives you actionable insights as a reliable basis for decision-making. The technology also enables end-to-end customer experience management and real-time customer insights.

Drive innovation and growth with a global network of experts.

Adobe Commerce makes it easy to integrate with third-party systems and meet a wide range of needs with a variety of add-ons and extensions, including payment security, accounting, shipping and fulfillment, marketing, customer support, website optimization, and more. You get an open commerce platform whose flexible architecture makes it possible to integrate and use additional technologies easily and quickly. Magento is among the world's leading e-commerce solutions.

Boost sales and conversions

  • Advanced customer segmentation tools, for targeted promotions and merchandising

  • Industry-leading search engine to improve conversion rates

  • Automated product up-sell and cross-sell rules to increase average order value

Build customer loyalty

Drive brand affinity and repeat purchases by allowing users to earn reward points, create multiple wish lists, generate store credit, or participate in exclusive private sale events.

Increase business productivity

Schedule, create, and modify content pages faster using Page Builder and without any IT support.

Comprehensive functionality

Support leading manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors in one platform (B2B).

Why Magento Commerce?

Keyfact Icon

Most flexible e-commerce product in the industry

Keyfact Icon

Unified platform that grows as merchants grow

Keyfact Icon

Support B2C, B2B, Hybrid & new emerging business models.

Keyfact Icon

Adobe Uniqueness: Creative & Content & Commerce

Keyfact Icon

Technical ecosystem characterized by innovation

Keyfact Icon

Industry leader in time to market and total cost ownership/ROI

Your benefits with Adobe Commerce

  • Create compelling, content-rich, and personalized experiences - both B2C and B2B in one platform

  • Revenue-generating e-commerce platform that grows with the success of its merchants

  • Fast time-to-market despite individual customer requirements

  • Flexible, multi-tier, multi-site architecture

  • Fast, convenient, digital shopping and account management

  • Convenient drag-and-drop content management with Page Builder

  • Local languages, currencies, payment methods and tax policies

  • Flexible global expansion with just one system

  • Centralized control of multiple online stores from one Magento platform

  • Multiple inventory locations

  • Support for web, mobile, Amazon and punchout sales for all touchpoints

  • Adapt to changing market dynamics with support for B2B and B2C sales, multiple brands/business units, multiple locations and new business models

  • Get to market quickly with a cloud-based solution that is easy to deploy and manage

  • Global ecosystem of B2B implementation experts

  • Integration with existing business systems for seamless and efficient operations

diva-e Services for Adobe Commerce

Our service portfolio covers all phases of your e-commerce project - we implement it according to your individual needs, from the conception phase to go-live. Your requirements cannot be complex enough - with the help of validated technologies and self-developed Magento modules, we have already implemented a large number of customized e-commerce solutions for different customers and retailers. As a Magento Solution Partner, we employ an experienced team of certified Magento experts who will continue to set e-commerce milestones with you after your new store goes live.

Strategy Consulting & Concept

  • Development of your e-commerce digitization strategy

  • Buyer persona development

  • Creation of customer journeys

  • SEO conception

  • User Experience Design

  • Technical conception

System Integration

  • Magento system integration (B2C & B2B) for Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce, Magento Cloud

  • Full design, development and support of your migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

  • Order Management Solutions

  • PIM/MDM solutions

  • Personalization

  • Pool of self-developed Magento 2 modules that can be quickly integrated into your store

Support & further development

  • Support & Maintenance (on request with SLA agreement)

  • Continuous e-shop development

Adobe Audience Manager: Unlock the power of audiences

Targeting customers is the key to success for digital businesses. To do this, you need to leverage all available data sources, including third-party data, such as advertising and social media. The approach can be just as broad - for example, on the company's own channels, such as websites or apps, on social media platforms, in advertising measures, or in the offline approach. In order to form audiences, i.e., customer segments, quickly, reliably, and unambiguously, the tool used must be capable of:

  • Access a variety of data sources

  • Securely store data, some of which is sensitive

  • Provide an intuitive interface to create audiences and monitor them

  • Provide additional services, such as machine learning or artificial intelligence

  • Provide a variety of interfaces to executing tools or a suitable API

A Data Management Platform (DMP) solves these problems, and with Audience Manager, Adobe provides a product that, with its native integration in the Adobe Experience Cloud, also offers significant added value compared to other tools.

Your contact person
Janine Poser
Head of Sales New Business

Sharpen your customer focus with best-in-class data management

Adobe Audience Manager is designed to capture signals from a wide variety of data sources, so it can store data independently of different data sources and collection methods. The data is used to define audiences, groups of users that can be targeted. Audiences can be very powerful for targeting premium customers, for example - the key is to avoid a "one size fits all" approach and to play out the right message to the right customer. The focus is on creating the audiences rather than creating individual customer profiles. This makes the work easier, as no personal data such as name, address or email address is stored and this has an impact on the relevant data protection regulations. To create comprehensive customer profiles, so-called Customer Data Platforms, such as the Adobe Experience Platform, are suitable.

Based on the signals received, reusable traits can be created in Adobe Audience Manager. These make work easier because many traits (for example, "Device = Apple") can be found in various segments. Segments are ultimately built by combining traits through logical operators. A number of best practices must be observed here, such as clear demarcation from other audiences, internal consistency and logic, or relevance. In addition, Adobe offers Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence services (e.g. Models or Audience Labs) to assist in the development of new Audiences.

Activation refers to the provision of audiences in other tools (destination or data output) for targeted customer targeting. Both real-time and batch data connection via the most common processes is possible. In addition to the pure connection, the evaluation of the audiences is the core of every audience project. Audiences that are too narrow or too broad, or even the wrong ones, should be identified and adjusted as quickly as possible. Finally, Adobe offers a native integration of the Audience Manager into the Adobe Experience Cloud. Classic use cases include feeding Adobe Analytics data into Audience Manager or activating audiences in Adobe Target.

Full-service portfolio in audience management with diva-e

diva-e offers a full-service approach and sees itself as a partner to its customers - this means that the best possible and most efficient solution can be developed for each individual. For Audience Management, the following services are offered, always in close coordination with the customer:

  • Consulting: Joint development of business requirements and possible solutions. Based on this, the milestones of the project are defined.

  • Audience Framework: Based on the business requirements, a holistic framework is created that both defines the project and derives concrete audiences.

  • Implementation (Data In & Out): Documentation, implementation on Adobe side, creation of implementation guidelines and intensive implementation support on product side.

  • Audience creation: Audience creation and management according to the agreed framework.

  • Audience Testing Plan: Every DMP project includes the verification and testing of the created audiences to check their correctness, reliability, uniqueness and especially their usefulness.

  • Enablement: As a partner, we offer every customer training on the subject of audience management in order to make the findings usable in the company in the long term.

  • Flexibility: Projects and business requirements are constantly changing and expanding. diva-e is the ideal partner to meet these changes and be prepared for the future.

  • Adobe Experience Cloud integration: Audience management is part of the online marketing strategy for many companies. As a full-service provider, we like to think outside the box and show the potential that the entire Adobe Cloud offers.

Adobe Audience Manager: Your advantages

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Why Audience Manager

  • Combination of different data sources

  • State of the art audience creation with ML / AI support

  • Activation of audiences in internal, Adobe or 3rd party services

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Our services

  • Comprehensive consulting

  • Working in partnership to implement data input & output, audience creation and testing

  • Adobe Experience Cloud integration training

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Customer case Sky

  • Development of 12 use cases for a holistic digital customer journey management (onsite, offsite)

  • Prioritization of use cases based on value proposition, costs and risk (quantitative business case per use case)

  • Development of a data and system model for the holistic customer perspective

  • Selection of a marketing cloud Support of system implementation

Adobe Campaign: Market-leading platform for optimal campaign management

As the market-leading technology, Adobe Campaign provides a unified platform for designing, coordinating and controlling digital marketing campaigns and strategies.

This powerful marketing platform delivers superior customer experiences - ensuring you always have the right data at your fingertips and personalized messages are delivered across every channel at the optimal time.

Your contact person
Janine Poser
Head of Sales New Business

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E-mail marketing

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Omnichannel marketing

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Seamless customer journey

Efficient campaign management enables cross-channel marketing as well as end-to-end consistency and 1:1 personalisation through comprehensive customer profiling. Not only can cross-channel campaigns be planned, managed and optimised, but more importantly, a unified customer journey can be provided to drive customer interaction and ensure brand loyalty. The creation of segments and the integration of desired channels enables a high degree of individualisation. In addition, the integration of a customer's personal preferences into the campaign ensures a personalised approach.

In campaign management, communication can be integrated via various channels, both online and offline. Thus, letter campaigns can be integrated in the same way as social media or email campaigns. Adobe Campaign provides a central environment for orchestrating visual campaigns and designing customer experiences, as well as a central place to access your customer data and profiles.

Built-in reporting and analytics tools allow you to analyse your customers' behaviour and better target marketing efforts. Dedicated dashboards allow you to keep an eye on your KPIs at all times. In addition, Adobe Campaign is deeply integrated with other powerful technologies from Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud.

diva-e offers not only expert advice, but also support with the technical configuration and implementation of Adobe Campaign - whether Classic or Standard. With our full-service approach, we strive for the best possible and most efficient solution for our customers individually.

Reasons for Adobe Campaign

Integrated customer profile and thus an individual and personalised approach

Simplified implementation of campaigns through automation

Simplified control and better consistency of campaigns

Analysis and reporting tools and intelligent measurement of campaigns

Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud

Campaign coordination across channels

Integration of online and offline channels

Audience segmentation

Real-time interactions

Adobe Campaign: Market-leading marketing automation

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Why Adobe Campaign

  • Cross-channel campaign orchestration

  • 1:1 personalisation in the customer approach

  • Deep integration with the entire Adobe Experience Cloud

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Our services

  • Technical consulting

  • Technical configuration and implementation

  • Integration with third-party systems such as Adobe Experience Manager, single sign-on solutions, CRM, etc.

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diva-e highlights

  • Complex single sign-on solution with online/offline interface for 1:1 personalisation

  • Mailtemplate integration with third-party systems

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  • International pharmaceutical manufacturer

Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS): Powerful multi-channel campaign management tool

Five helpful tips for optimizing campaigns in Adobe Campaign Standard

Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS) is used by many CRM and campaign teams worldwide.

The tool makes it conceivably easy - for both experienced marketing managers and newcomers - to create impressive campaigns and personalize email marketing. Who wants to spam their users with irrelevant content when it can be tailored and personalized?

However, streamlining and optimizing campaign performance is harder than it seems. Here are 5 proven tips to ensure the success of your campaigns:

Good data and filtering

Quality assurance checks

Optimizing broadcast time

Automation and templating

Analysis of campaign performance

Adobe Experience Platform: Data for real-time customer profiles

Which of your problems do we solve with the Adobe Experience Platform?

The Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) allows you to connect multiple data sources, transform data to create real-time customer profiles and use them across all channels of an organisation. Fully integrated with the two databases that form the core of the AEP are different applications for activating, orchestrating and analysing existing customer data.

Your contact person
Janine Poser
Head of Sales New Business

What makes the Adobe Experience Platform different?

The goal of the Adobe Experience Platform is to unify all of a company's data management, data analysis and activation processes in one tool. Its core consists of a data lake in which the raw data is stored. The data can be uploaded via streaming or batch ingestion from first and third party sources. Various services are based on this data lake, enabling you to make optimal use of your data:

Data Pipelines & Governance

  • Numerous streaming connectors and a flexible API enable the smooth connection of a wide variety of data sources.

  • Preparation and standardization of data according to a uniform schema via the Experience Data Model (XDM)

  • Structuring and security of data is ensured by an integrated data governance and labeling solution

Real-time customer profiles

  • Matching of all relevant customer data from various sources via identifiers.

  • This creates a holistic real-time customer profile

  • Creation and use of segments of the profiles according to specially defined rules

AI / Machine Learning (Intelligent Services)

  • Creation of customer behavior predictions based on all available data using Adobe Sensei

  • Creation of custom data models in the Data Science Workspace

Cross-Channel Access & Activation

  • Native integration of tools in the Adobe Experience Cloud (e.g. Adobe Target)

  • Various streaming connectors for data activation

  • A connection to third-party tools via API

  • Integrated decisioning service that can be used to play out personalized experiences in the connected applications.

In order to be able to activate the data available in the Adobe Experience Platform as efficiently and purposefully as possible, Adobe provides various applications that can be used together with the AEP. All applications can be combined with each other - depending on the needs of your company.

Real-time CDP: Real-time activation of customer data to personalise content and services.

Journey Orchestration: Design of marketing actions for a responsive customer approach along the customer journey.

Journey Optimizer: Creation of content for the 1:1 customer:inside approach and activation of this content along the entire customer journey. The Adobe Journey Optimizer combines the functionalities of the Adobe E-Mail Designer and Journey Orchestration within the AEP.

Customer Journey Analytics: Real-time analysis of all data available in the AEP - in the already familiar and further developed interface of Adobe Analytics Workspaces.

Offer Decisioning: Creation & activation of content in real-time within the AEP.

diva-e Services for Adobe Experience Platform

From the conception of your use cases to the technical realization and implementation, diva-e provides you with numerous experts - no matter which setup of the platform you choose:

  • Data Engineers: Our experts support you in making your data available in the AEP (Data Ingestion), as well as in activating the data in the various applications (Data Extraction).

  • Data Architects: Data Architects take care of the creation of data schemas, governance and labeling over all available data (management of data & compliance with data security policies).

  • Data Scientists: Our Data Scientists help you model your data in the Adobe Experience Platform Data Science Workspace.

  • Data Analysts: Our analysts present your data in an easy-to-understand way using Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) to draw the right conclusions.

  • Audience Specialists: targeting specialists build appropriate segments from your data that can be used across channels relevant to your business to personalize the user experience.

  • Target experts: the know-how of our developers is available to you for the creation of personalized experiences on your website.

diva-e sets standards with Adobe

So far, there are only a few companies that actively use the Adobe Experience Platform - experts who have gained experience with the platform are also rare to find. As an Adobe Platinum Partner, diva-e has been up to date on the developments surrounding the AEP from the very beginning. In addition, our experts have already dealt in depth with the technology of the platform, have acquired various certifications and are already familiar with other customer data platforms:


Adobe Qualified - Adobe Experience Platform 


Technical Sales Accreditation - Adobe Experience Platform


PoCs conducted with the Adobe Experience Platform

We also work together with Adobe on AEP product documentation and have our own AEP sandbox.

In addition, our experts have a broad knowledge of various data sources & destinations that can be considered for the platform:

  • Adobe Applications (Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Launch, Adobe Experience Manager, Marketo, Adobe Campaign)

  • Google Marketing Platform (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optmize)

  • Cloud Storage (Microsoft Azure, Amazon, FTP & SFTP, Google Cloud Storage)

  • CRM (Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce)

  • Email Marketing (ESPs)

Put your trust in the award-winning diva-e Adobe team!

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