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Agile E-Commerce Development

Our strength lies in e-commerce projects

We have extensive experience in implementing successful e-commerce projects, which we design in close collaboration with our customers.

Michael Schmidt
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Michael Schmidt
Expert Agile Coach

Our service: methodical planning and implementation

We can engage at every stage of development and our experts are there to support you as and when needed.

Our services include:

  • strategy consulting

  • interaction design

  • User Experience concepts

  • high-performance system and security architecture

  • Content Management System integration

  • mobile and web development, as well as

  • other areas of expertise such as SEO, online marketing and traffic generation.

We are happy to help our customers analyse options and decide on the best way forward to ensure e-commerce platforms achieve the high-performance and security needed.

Our tools: technical expertise breeds success

Our years of experience are based on a multitude of successful e-commerce projects, in which we have participated in many different ways.

We offer:

  • comprehensive in-house and on-site development teams

  • mixed project teams comprised of diva-e specialists and client teams specialists

  • design, product and project management support

  • scaling requirements in the course of the project

These demand-oriented, highly-flexible collaborative options are based on the natural application of agile working methodology, which has been our lifeblood for years. In close co-ordination with you, our project teams will use the most appropriate elements of agile methodology to ensure your project’s success and the best possible working relationship. Our team of experienced Agile coaches ensure continuous process support and iterative product development.

The result: transparency for your project

With quick reactions, frequent feedback and several rapid development stages, we create trust and transparency – for our clients, development partners and employees – during planning and implementation.

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