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Corporate Web Design

Top level corporate web design

Our design teams have many years of experience in working with well-known companies from various industries. Whether one-pager campaigns or complex, multilingual portals, we have successfully implemented numerous projects: from a single source to thinking across competencies to close collaboration with consulting, strategy, UX, UI, frontend and backend.

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Our service: shine with diva-e design

Responsive design

“Form follows function” isn’t just a saying: Function, design and content adapt to the screen resolution of the device being used in such a manner that you’re following or responding to the user, rather than the other way around, thus providing a perfect user experience, without forgoing on content, and reducing maintenance work for editors in the content management system through the use of:

  • Target group and user optimised viewports and breakpoints

  • User, content and Mobile First design

Graphic design

In order to meet your individual specifications, our visual design team uses a variety of artistic and technical means. These are applied optimally to your website.

  • Visual design / UI design

  • Online / digital style guides (font definition, colour definition, imagery, breakpoints and grids, design fundamentals based on Atomic Design, digital corporate entity definition)

  • User interface (websites, web platforms, e-commerce shop, dashboards, digital POS)

Additional services:

  • Illustration and icon design

  • Mock-ups and wireframes

  • Web applications (web apps)

  • Presentation of designs in a demanding CI-compliant presentation

Microsites and landing pages

We design your individual internet presence as search engine optimised—with particular focus on special topics or campaigns, thanks to an independent presentation and implementation into previous infrastructure.

  • Optimised for search engines

  • With particular focus on special topics (one page / one pager) or campaigns

  • Independent presentation and implementation of existing infrastructure possible

App design

Our experienced team relies on native design (iOS, Android) as well as on web apps and also offers possible design with regards to iOS and Android (material design), UI guideline base and component base. The real world is getting smarter, so our team makes use of its IoT (internet of Things) experience to meet your unique needs. Along those lines, app-in-app store presentation and app icons are also design-adapted, according to your wishes.


We successfully implement 3D animations in the form of films (e.g. product film) as well as 3D programming (interactively operable 3D elements such as online games).


A two minute video can often explain a topic better than a detailed text on a website. That’s why we offer a full range of video for the web:

  • Guided Tour (explanatory videos) and screencasts

  • Advertising and product presentation

  • Motion design and animation for web

  • Prototyping Composing and VFX

Graphic design support

A web presence’s graphic design support comes after the official go-live date and ensures that design and visual language remain consistent in day-to-day business. Unlike product or print design, online projects have no final format—websites dynamically adapt to their digital environment and change every day. We support organic growth of information systems through continuous consulting. In addition to technical support and content maintenance, diva-e has a graphic design support department with its own design team. Quick response time and expertise enable short-term action, whether it’s a regular cosmetics issue or an unscheduled emergency repair.

  • Social media content such as Facebook pages etc.

  • Image research and image retouching

  • Visual content for daily business

  • Graphic productions for various formats and media

  • Information processing / infographics / data visualisation

Our tools: modern working methods

Atomic design

  • Systematic work in different stages

  • “Modular system”: Faster operation and easily expandable—ideal as a living style guide

Sketch and zeplin

  • Modern designer tools, and, in combination, perfect collaborative tools to capture annotations directly for graphic designers and programmers at the customer level

Mobile only instead of mobile first

  • The future of mobile optimisation

Responsive design

  • Customisation of function, design and content to individual screen resolution for perfect user experience

User-centred interface design (user-oriented design)

  • High usability

  • Tailored to customer needs and requirements through previous UX process

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