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Satisfying customers' information needs – it’s been a given offline for years, and digital brand management also demands it online. But there are some challenges to overcome.

Between 8,000 and 12,000 messages vie for our attention every day. In an hour, around 2 million searches are carried out with Google, a total of 72 hours of video content are loaded and 41,000 Facebook posts and 278,000 tweets are published. With this flood of information, the question is: How can brands grab the attention of their relevant target audience and create focus on their own offer?

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Stefan Trebbin
Head of Experience

Our service: consistent look and feel across all channels

The answer is: Digital brand management. It begins with a well-maintained web presence and ends with well-planned appearances on social media, forums, blogs etc. It is a systematic approach that strengthens the brand online and helps it to continuously exploit its potential. It's not just a uniform look and feel across all channels, based on a clearly defined digital style guide. What’s more important is to network and shape the brand’s digital identity across all relevant channels – thereby turning prospects into long-term customers. The key word is combination: everything hinges on the whole rather than unilateral actions.

But it is worth the effort: According to current statistics, strengthening customer relationships on social media increases sales to those customers by an average of six percent. Fans of brands on Facebook alone spend an average of 72 Euros more for those branded products and are more willing to continue using these brands or recommend them to friends. As you continue to think about and engage with more social networks, collaborate with blogs and use forums to their full advantage, it will be clear how much of an influence digital brand management has on conversions and sales. Of course, activities must complement the target group and brand. Otherwise the brand image could be diluted quickly, which may result in decreased sales and profits.

Our tools: campaigns and content

diva-e not only helps you select the most suitable online channels. Our creative unit also designs, designs and produces campaigns, content and ads for you, which are not only handcrafted and creative, but also in line with your target group and brand. Graphics and text go hand in hand to create the best possible user experience. Because the strength of digital communication lies in interactivity as well as creating brand experiences. Our communication plans leave room for user-generated content in the form of forum contributions, blog articles etc, which substantially shape and re-enforce brand image and positively contribute to your brand.

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