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A tested prototype within four days

Product and service development, from planning and design to programming and testing, takes a lot of time and requires many resources. This makes it all the more business-critical to ensure that the right product or service is tailored and optimised to your customers' needs from the outset. In order to save costs efficiently and effectively, to reduce additional expenses to a minimum and to create a common understanding among all parties involved more quickly, we use the Design Sprint developed by Google Venture when developing products and services.

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Our service: Developing a first tangible solution together

A Design Sprint is a compact and structured innovation method used to develop and validate products, services and to answer critical business questions. It is based on an optimal mix of business strategy, innovation, behavioral research, design thinking, Lean UX, Lean Startup and agile development. It was developed between 2008 and 2012 by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky and Braden Kowitz at Google Ventures and was used in products such as Google Search and Gmail.


Day 0 - Kick-Off Workshop

We start together in a compact kick-off workshop. There, we will jointly examine your requirements, needs and goals and derive requirements, team composition, user recruitment and goals for the Design Sprint.

Day 1 - Getting to know and understanding

On the first day, the schedule includes getting to know and understand the general conditions defined in the kick-off. Through dialogue and methodology, goals are concretised and initial approaches to solutions are outlined. The agenda for the first day could be as follows:

  • Interviews with experts and 'How can we...?' questions

  • Definition of long-term goal and obstacles

  • Align business objectives with user needs

  • Sketching out initial solution concepts

Day 2 - Develop concept ideas and make decisions

On the second day, everything is focused on the balance between creativity and the defined business and user needs. At the end of the day there is a tangible concept for the development of the prototype. Topics for the second day could be as follows:

  • Presentation of the solution concepts of day one

  • Product demos for inspiration

  • Displaying the user's action route

  • Storyboarding

Day 3 - Creating prototypes

On the third day, our designers and developers will work together to bring the anticipated solution from the first two days to technical life. Our diva-e experts will develop the prototype via:

  • Pair design

  • Pair programming

Day 4 - User tests

On the fourth day we will test the created prototype with previously recruited users. We will watch and listen to the users using the product.

Day 5 - Summary and recommendations

On the fifth day we present the results of the test and present our recommendations for strategic development.

Our tools: Not leaving success to chance

The Design Sprint Team consists of about 5-8 people. In addition to one diva-e expert from each of the Experience Design, Development and Project Management departments, the customer's decision-makers (or their deputies, for example the Product Owner) and other important stakeholders, such as marketing managers and employees from the IT and customer support departments, are added. Suitable premises and the necessary materials, such as post-actual, pens or whiteboards, are provided by diva-e. Our experts will also be happy to visit you in your office if required.

Your result: Validation of your business hypothesis

In most cases, the result at the end of a so-called Design Sprint Week (Design Sprint Week = 1x Design Sprint) is an interactive prototype which is tested with users to obtain answers for strategic development. Design Sprints are the first steps towards effective, efficient and goal-oriented product or service development. With the Design Sprint approach you can keep your business goals in mind and at the same time get closer to your customers.

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