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Your brand must be visible - and also unique. To stand out digitally, simply adapting the previous analog style guide guidelines is no longer enough these days. After all, every company today communicates predominantly in the digital environment, i.e. digital-first, so that the classic rules of the analog world often no longer apply. diva-e knows the digital rules inside out and creates a new digital branding exclusively for you and your brand.

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Whether you are a company with a long history or a freshly founded start-up, diva-e's digital experts will ensure that your product is presented in the best possible way, geared to your target groups and users. With various measures and solutions, we develop digital branding for you that strengthens the appearance of your company or brand.

To ensure that you convince digitally, we take care of the ideal digital corporate identity. We design a logo for you that is convincing on all end devices (whether on Retina or a small display). In addition, we create suitable color worlds, optimal typography with web fonts and low loading times, and the ideal visual language. With these essential building blocks and many other design elements, we define your new digital corporate design.

With a consistent digital corporate design, you lay the strong foundation for your values, generate trust with customers and bring your brand to life during product implementation.

Digital branding using redesign or new design

With the digital optimization of your existing corporate design, we focus on a solid positioning in the market as well as an outstanding strategic presentation.

To achieve this, we define focal points, goals and mission statements in workshops with you and your users. We bring all ideas and visions together to achieve excellent digital branding.

In digital branding, we consider your website and all other online channels relevant for a holistic brand experience. For example, social media channels need a redesign or different touchpoints where customer interaction takes place. A thoughtful redesign of all content, as well as all media supports brand management and brand building. With a redesign or redesign as part of digital branding, diva-e leads your online business to success.

We pay special attention to design communication that has evolved. This is because different versions of documents and the lack of documentation and application in everyday life can cause problems and make it necessary to create consistency. With a digital corporate design process, we establish a clear line of communication for you. Digital tools help you define a documentation and data basis that will enable you to remain effective for a long time and save costs.

Application in user interface design

We meet the expectations of your website, app or other UI designs across all channels and touchpoints with a holistic user experience and various additional services. diva-e develops the appropriate strategies, conceptual design and prototypes for your digital products to pave the way for a modern and future-proof digital interface design. Taking into account all customer needs, we develop your new digital corporate identity.

A consistent visual language and image statement that harmonizes with your users' design concepts and demands is also a prerequisite to strengthen and position your brand. We create image worlds, provide support in image search, shooting, management and editing. We focus on the best possible visual style, clear design strategy, and consider current design trends. Of course, we optimize design elements to your digital requirements, thereby creating a harmonious digital corporate design.

Digital corporate design with accessibility

In the design process, diva-e's experts also consider the various touchpoints, the multitude of different end devices and user situations. Your product looks other on each channel but should be equally accessible to all users and offer the same user experience. We develop a colour world for your brand that meets these requirements and the optimal display of contrasts, a unique perception and usage. We also focus on the legibility of fonts for different requirements. We create for you a harmonious digital branding that makes you unmistakable on any channel.

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