Digital Commerce

Moderne E-Commerce-Architektur für das Online-Business

Digital commerce is a must

New technologies and changing consumer behaviour are constantly altering the business world. To be successful, companies need to develop digital business models and solutions. New digital business models complement, extend or even replace existing organisations. At diva-e, we know the challenges companies face.

Sirko Schneppe
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Our service: driving trends instead of following them

As a unified digital partner, we combine different building blocks in our extensive service portfolio so they support your e-business strategy in the best way, long-term. In doing so, we drive trends and make use of the wealth of experience we have gained helping our diverse customers in various industries. We advise and support you during planning as well as implementation. What’s more, together with you, we rollout solutions across the business and support you in both technical and functional operations. Companies that rely on diva-e expertise have a clear competitive advantage over the competition – an advantage that can be crucial in the digital age.

Our tools: the right systems for digital solutions

Our range of services is just as multifaceted as you are. Do you want to improve processes with your partners and suppliers, need native apps, want to offer additional digital services and solutions via portals or would like to complement existing B2B and B2C sales channels with a new online shop? We understand the challenges and can help with the right systems, from e-commerce platforms via SAP Commerce Cloud to Intershop, Adobe, BloomReach or Spryker. As your experienced partner, we also create mobile websites, procurement portals, configurators, Smart Product & IoT applications or complex corporate websites for digital products.

The result: new digital business models

With our digital business models and solutions, your company can position itself successfully.

Ein passendes System für jede Anforderung 

Wir stehen Ihnen beratend zur Seite, wenn Sie Prozesse mit Partnern und Lieferanten verbessern möchten, eine Integration digitaler Dienste und Lösungen durch Portale planen oder mit einem Online-Shop bestehende B2B- und B2C-Vertriebskanäle ergänzen wollen. Unser Leistungsspektrum ist genauso vielseitig wie Sie. Sie wollen Ihre Prozesse mit Partnern und Lieferanten verbessern, benötigen native Apps, möchten durch Portale zusätzliche digitale Dienste und Lösungen zu bieten oder mit einem neuen Onlineshop bestehende B2B- und B2C-Vertriebskanäle ergänzen? Wir verstehen Ihre Herausforderungen und unterstützen mit den passenden Systemen, von E-Commerce-Plattformen über SAP Commerce Cloud zu Intershop, Adobe, Bloomreach oder Spryker. Auch mobile Webseiten, Beschaffungsportale, Konfiguratoren, Smart Product & IoT-Anwendungen oder komplexe Unternehmenswebseiten für digitale Produkte setzen wir als Ihr erfahrener Partner um.

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