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No matter whether you are a hidden champion implementing an international online shop or a multinational company wanting to roll out an integrated online strategy internationally: diva- supports you with tried-and-tested methods to take your individual needs and requirements into account and thus establish a successful online solution.

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Our service: Individual developments with strong partners

Thanks to our contacts with partner companies such as Intershop AG, SAP and Microsoft, we implement online portals on market-leading standard e-commerce systems.

Our experience and expertise in integrating e-commerce B2B or B2C platforms into existing SAP systems characterises our team. We combine e-commerce know-how and SAP expertise to your utmost benefit and offer continuative consulting services for economically successful e-business.

If common standard systems such as Intershop 7 or SAP Commerce Cloud prove insufficient for innovative e-commerce projects, a highly qualified team of developers is at your disposal to program and operate individual solutions. Our specialists in application and interface programming are able to meet every requirement with an optimal solution and integrate existing systems.

The combination of standard product and customer-specific expansion in the form of a business layer provides the basis for implementing further country, brand and client installations at any time and without major adjustments. Catalogues, categories, assortments, products, prices and availability are transferred to the shop system via a central system interface. There they can be released according to the defined rules for individual countries, clients and partners or directly into individual shops. Orders are consolidated centrally and forwarded to internal IT systems via the same interface. Correct architecture for the basic system is important and this consists of stable core technologies and processes and is supplemented with extremely flexible component expansions, preferably based on microservices architecture.

SAP Hybris, Intershop and Microsoft each provide all important features of a future-proof shop platform. The applications are composed of modular components, thus enabling the rolling out of shops with different complexities, and function based on a central software stack.

Our tools: Digital roadmap for your requirements

Your e-business solution’s implementation doesn’t just involve a technological platform, but rather the interaction of all necessary processes, organisations and stakeholders.

That’s why our first task, derived from your digital roadmap, is to choose an appropriate technology strategy and set up an appropriate process approach in parallel. We consistently work according to the agile model in order to maintain high flexibility with regards to changing requirements. The business layer, defined with the help of user stories, is set up in the form of various technology components and, if necessary, overwrites standard existing functions. This procedure allows for possible updates and upgrades to migrate into existing on-board resources with minimal effort.

In addition, it’s an important step to identify all functions that shouldn’t be implemented as part of the business layer’s core functionality. These are usually client-specific, very specialised forms or concrete implementation of processes based on a framework provided by the business layer. Typically, these client-specific extensions also include designs needed to implement the storefront.

Overall, this creates a layered model that guarantees more and more flexibility as you move away from core business. In our experience, this corresponds to the firm’s needs.

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